7 Things to check when your Dynamics NAV service isn’t running


7 Things to check when your Dynamics NAV service isn’t running

When a solution stops working it can be frustrating. However in the case of Dynamics NAV there is often a simple solution that can be implemented. This guide will take you through seven steps to diagnose what is causing your service to stop or to not start at all.

1. Is it running on an account with enough privileges?

The default account “Network Service” usual isn’t enough when you need to run a service that has to contact multiple machines. Make sure that you have a dedicated service account running the service that has administrator privileges across all the machine that it needs to contact. Preferably a domain admin account.


2. Is the account running the service locked out?

Have a look at the active directory on your domain controller to see if this account has been locked out.


3. Has the account running the service got permissions within NAV?

For the account to run the service, it needs to have permissions within the database itself. It is generally a good idea to make the account a super user to rule out this being a limitation.

4. Is the SQL service running on your SQL server?

Dial onto your SQL server and open up services. If the SQL service is not running, then your NAV service cannot talk to the database and make a connection. Start the service if it has stopped.

5. Are your ports being taken up by another service?

Check your ports! If another service is using the same ports, then your NAV service will not start up!
On your NAV server, run command prompt as administrator and then type in the command “netstat –a”. This will list all the ports that are being used by your server. If any of these ports match ports that your service is set to use, then you need to change them.

6. Is your service set to automatic?

Open services on your NAV server and look for your NAV service. On the Startup Type column, you ideally want it set to Automatic or Automatic (Delayed Start). This will ensure that your service starts up automatically whenever your NAV server is rebooted.

7. Basic checks on the service settings.

Probably the last thing to check if everything else hasn’t got your service started back up yet. Does the database have an instance on the SQL server? Is the Database Name and Database Server Correct?

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