If you experience problems with your system you want to be helped right away and by an expert…

Which is precisely what Metaphorix offers to clients. We have a dedicated support team based at our head office in Coleshill. Their job is to keep your system running and keep it running to the best of its abilities.

If you have a support contract with Metaphorix, you have our expertise and support making sure your business operations never falter.

If you experience any problems at all with your system installation, we want to know. As the support arm for your main business software solution, our job is to keep your system running. So if you get any kind of problem, you should tell us about it so we can help diagnose the best way to get it fixed. If the problem is application software related, then we will we apply our normal approach to fixing problems, as described in the sister document to this one – ‘Customer Support’.

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Contact Support

Existing clients can get in touch below and someone from support will get back to you as soon as possible.

What version of NAV are you using?

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Or have you tried NAVGuides?

NAVGuides is a series of hints, tips and frequently asked questions concerning Dynamics NAV. Before contacting support feel free to have a look through and see if your issue has already been addressed. Users are able to look for specific problems using the search bar.

ScreenConnect for Existing Clients

Troubleshooting specific issues directly

If existing clients run into an issue with Metaphorix simply contact support here for a ticket and show us the problem via Screenconnect. Once you have received your Help Code simply add to the form below and we can address your problems.

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I think that, with the combination of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and 4PS, we have found a platform that enables us to optimise our processes… improve our efficiency… and also to make the work more agreeable and easier for our staff.

Maurice Royen
Maurice RoyenFinancial Director, Vinci Energies

4PS develops software for our market and, any shortcomings we found, they saw as beneficial to their standard product. So, any extensions we required were included in the planning for 4PS future releases.

Diana Bent
Diana BentProject Leader, Imtech