The Dynamics NAV solution is Equipment Rental Management
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The Dynamics NAV solution for Equipment Rental companies
Oil & Gas, Construction, Industrial and Technology companies
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Rig & Copter 1140 x 475
The Dynamics NAV equipment rental solution for offshore companies
Total management of equipment hire and service contracts
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Armada Construction 1140 x 475
The Dynamics NAV equipment rental solution for construction companies
Total management of construction plant hire contracts
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The Dynamics NAV equipment rental solution for industrial companies
Management of all types of industrial equipment rental contracts
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Armada Technology 1140 x 475
The Dynamics NAV equipment rental solution for technology companies
Total management of IT, medical and audio-visual rentals
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Armada EQM

Dynamics NAV for the equipment rental and hire industry

Armada Equipment Management Rental – Armada EQM – combines the power of Dynamics NAV with industry-specific functionality whilst utilising the latest Microsoft technology. It is perfect for all types of users in the rental and hire industries. From finance to fixed assets, from sales to service, from repairs to rental – Armada EQM does it all.

Armada EQM comes fully integrated with the standard modules of Dynamics NAV and is recognised by Microsoft as a certified add-on for the Dynamics suite.

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Armada EQM: For different hire sectors

  • Oil and Gas

    Armada EQM delivers functionality for those renting to all types of offshore user – from smaller items to major equipment, from transport to accommodation, from short-term rentals to long-term contracts.

  • Construction

    Armada EQM let’s hire companies in the construction sector manage all types of plant hire, including the most complex rental contracts involving items like scaffolding, vehicles or those hard to track small tools.

  • Industrial

    The hire of equipment to industrial user companies needs to be very flexible. From fork-lifts to heaters, from cherry-pickers to industrial cleaning machines – it’s all handled by Armada EQM.

  • Technology

    Armada offers all the function required to control the rental of audio visual systems, white goods, brown goods, computers, medical devices and all types of hi-tech equipment.

Why Armada EQM?

There are a number of reasons why Armada EQM will deliver real benefits to your organisation.

  • It works the way you do – using real rental industry experience in its design
  • It is built on Microsoft technology – ensuring future proofing and constant development of new function
  • It contains all the function you need – rich functionality defined by our users in the industry
  • It’s certified by Microsoft – a guarantee of quality
  • It really works – it’s been implemented successfully across the world in large and small rental companies.

Armada EQM Functionality

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