Armada EQM for equipment rental in the oil and gas sector

The Dynamics NAV solution for equipment rental to off-shore companies

Armada EQM is ideal for off-shore companies that rent in and out the equipment they need to do their job. Whether you rent out tools or massive cranes, undersea electronics or on-rig equipment, accommodation or transport, Armada handles it all.

Installed in oil and gas businesses throughout the world, Armada EQM has built up a unique level of experience around the processes inherent in the oil and gas hire industry that makes it extremely relevant to any company looking for a new business system.

  • Equipment Hire

    Whether you’re renting out large equipment, cranes or temporary buildings, or just smaller assets like tools and motors, the tight control you need to ensure a profitable contract is available in Armada EQM.

  • Bulk Equipment

    Some assets are not easy to define – bulk assets like chains or scaffolding. The level of detail you need to track and bill these types of assets is a standard part of Armada EQM.

  • Small Tools

    Renting out smaller assets, such as tools and motors, involves a high volume of transactions, across lots of equipment and accessories and requires a great deal of supervision to get right. Armada EQM does it all.

  • Large Assets

    Renting out assets on long-term contracts is different to short-term hire. Functions to ensure that assets remain in service, are secure and deliver the recurring revenue you expect is all available in Armada EQM.

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If we hadn’t made the decision to go to Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV when we did, we wouldn’t be in business today.

Andrew HendersonManaging Director, Simms International