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Dynamics NAV Posting Groups

Dynamics NAV Posting Groups The purpose of posting groups is to provide Dynamics NAV with the rules required to direct postings into the necessary General Ledger Accounts when posting transactions. General Posting Groups General Posting Groups are used to direct monies from transactional postings based on the type of Vendor or Customer as well as […]

NAV 2013 R2 – Posting Dates

Set Up and Amend Posting Dates Navision makes it possible to limit users to posting within specified time frames. This helps to prevent errors occurring with back/forward posting during closed accounting periods. Despite this it may be necessary, once a month has ended, for certain users to continue positing into the closed period. Therefore, Navision […]


Invalid Page Number: NAV 2009

Error Message: Invalid Page Number When attempting to click on the Posted Invoices option, in the Sales & Marketing navigation pane, I am meet with the below error. “Invalid Page Number (8) for the tab control names “Control1”. (InPage was set to 8 on the CheckBox “Control1000000091”). This is a relatively common error that occurs […]


How to: Delete Companies NAV 2013 R2

How to: Delete Companies NAV 2013 R2 Firstly; we recommend that you make a backup before you delete the company. This can be stored as a read only file and even zipped in order to save space. In addition to this, before deleting the Company, it is very important that you ensure you are the […]


How to: Create a New Company NAV 2013 R2

How to: Create a Company NAV 2013 R2 To create a company in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client or Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client 1.       In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, in the Search box, enter Companies, and then choose the related link. 2.       On the Home tab, in the Manage group, choose Edit List. You can […]


NAV 2013 R2 Creating Cash Flow Forecasts

Setting up a Cash Flow Forecast Card To calculate a cash of your company on January 31st 2015; firstly you will need to set the work date to 31/01/15. Select Set Work Date Set the work date in the window that opens The next step is to create a new Cash Flow Forecast Card On […]


NAV 2013 R2 Cash Flow Setup

Cash Flows Understanding cash inflows and outflows is the key to running a successful business. You can use cash flow to easily create a short-term forecast that predicts how and when you expect money to be received and paid out by your business. Cash Flow Setup  The program uses a function to automatically calculate the […]


Navision 2013 R2 Upload a Licence

Upload a Licence to Navision  To upload a licence to NAV; it will be necessary to open the Development Environment as this action will not be possible within the Role Tailored view. Upload the licence by selecting: Tools > Licence Information. At this point you will be presented with a window displaying the current licence being used by […]


NAV 2013 R2 Import Objects

Import New Objects It is not possible to import objects to NAV 2013 R2 through the role tailored view, as such, it is necessary to open the Development version of R2 before uploading modifications to the system. Open the development environment; click Tools > Object Designer. When open it will then be possible to import objects to […]