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How to Create a Multitenant Environment in NAV 2018

This guide will show you how to create a NAV 2018 multitenant environment. This guide is based on a standard Demo NAV 2018 Cronus database and assumes that you already have a database restored on a SQL server.   Create a multitenant database Go to your NAV service tier and paste the below script into […]

‘Dynamics Users Must Map to Dynamics CRM Users’ Error Message

Error Message ‘Dynamics CRM Integration is enabled. However, because the Dynamics NAV Users Must Map to Dynamics CRM Users field is set, Dynamics CRM integration is not enabled for Domain\Username’   Issue The users email address must be the same on the CRM ‘user card’ and the ‘user card’ in Navision. This error often occurs […]

How to Add and Remove Extensions in NAV2018

  This guide will teach you how to add and remove extensions in NAV2018 using a combination of the NAV2018 Client and PowerShell commands. When an extension is just published, it means that it is in your system, but it is not activated. When a published extension is installed, this means that it is fully […]

Optimise Power BI Performance

Power BI (as the name suggests) is a highly powerful and flexible business intelligence solution. It is fully integrated with Dynamics NAV and gives users unparalleled insight into their business operations. By taking hundreds of data sources and simplifying Power BI provides beautiful reports across an organisation. Power BI can also be a resource heavy […]


How to Install Spindle

How to Install Spindle This Microsoft Dynamics NAV guide looks at the set and installation of Spindle, a Document Management programe that fully integrates with Dynamics ERP. For more information on Spindle check out our Business Apps for NAV page. 1. Start by installing the client. Right click and run the Installer as Administrator 2. Click “Next” […]


How to copy company in NAV

How to copy company in NAV This guide will show you how to copy a company in Dynamics NAV. This is useful if you have some testing that you need to do using your current data. Note: This function is only available in versions 2013-R2, 2015, 2016 & 2017. 1. Search for “Companies” in the […]

How to install Dynamics NAV 2009 Client

How to install Dynamics NAV 2009 Client Please note: You must be logged in as an administrator when running this setup process as this avoids missing out essential dlls that are required to operate certains tasks in Dynamics NAV 2009. 1. Open your install media and navigate to the setup. Right click and select “Run […]


How to change your security model in NAV

How to change your security model in NAV Please note: Before you apply this change, make sure that all users are out of the database. First, you must make sure that your database is set to single user mode. To set a database to single user mode, it is best to change this in SQL […]