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Construction Bottlenecks: no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy!

Construction bottlenecks? Something unexpected happens in a project and team members are thrown into reactive mode, creating bottlenecks. The best laid plans get disrupted and deadlines become elastic concepts. While this happens in every industry, the often-unpredictable environment of construction is particularly susceptible. The three most common bottlenecks disrupting site projects are: • People • […]

Construction Technology: At a Crossroads

To go or not to go on the technology road? “Projects are becoming ever more complicated, with punishing timescales and tighter budgets…” And how could you pick the right construction technology for your business?  Construction has traditionally been a low margin sector which has resulted in a lack of investment in disruptive construction technology. Highly […]

“We can’t move our construction business to the cloud because …”

Cloud Computing is hardly new. From social media to email to entertainment most people feel the influence of cloud without even thinking about it. And yet uptake of cloud technologies is notoriously slow in the Construction sector. For every BIM object technical document portal there is a mid-size construction company that still operates on spreadsheets […]

Update in our Privacy Policy to align with GDPR

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a EU regulation designed to enhance all EU citizens data privacy and direct the way organisations across Europe approach, process and store data. GDPR will be adopted in UK law for post-Brexit legislation.   GDPR is the first change that is being made to […]

Making Tax Digital – What happens in April 2019?

Are you ready for your tax going digital? Today, just over 10% of VAT tax returns are submitted digitally. If you or your accountant do not file VAT using software yet,  the way you pay taxes may be heavily affected as of April 2019. In this case, you may read on and start researching on […]

Future-proof with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Since the inception of 4PS Group, which Metaphorix joined mid-2017, Microsoft Dynamics NAV has been the backbone of the 4PS Construct solution. Given the technological developments from Microsoft towards the cloud, 4PS Construct will also be available as a Dynamics 365 solution. A future-proof cloud solution, fully integrated with the Microsoft technologies and available on […]