AutoSplitKey / The Line Cannot be Split


AutoSplitKey / The Line Cannot be Split

This is an error caused by trying to insert/create too many lines in between existing lines. The solve this you can either: 
1. Insert the new record at the end of the table. 
2. Delete all the entries out and start again. 
This is the explanation of why this happens: 
In this example I am using a Journal – but it will happen for any table in NAV, whether it be Schedules, Orders, Quotes, Journals etc. 
As you can see below I starte off with Line 10,000 (the default first line in NAV) and created a second line which is showing at the bottom – 20,000. I then proceeded to ‘insert’ a new line above the bottom line. I kept doing this and as you can see the Line No. is splitting each time a new line is inserted. At some point the divisions will hit 0 and that is when the AutoSplitKey error happens (same for ‘The Line Cannot be Split’ error). 

I hope this helps! 
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Andy, Software Engineer

Andy is Software Engineer at Metaphorix