Azimli, a family-run business, started in 1994 supplying kebab shops with quality food at low prices. Today, it has grown to service ethnic food outlets across most of the UK.


Dynamics NAV offers Turkish food supplier a recipe for success

Azimili, a family-run business, started in 1994 supplying kebab shops with quality food at low prices. Today, it has grown to service ethnic food outlets across most of the UK. To support their growth plans, they needed a flexible system that they could tailor to meet their particular needs. Dynamics NAV, installed by Metaphorix, proved to be right for their successful business.

The Company

Azimili was established in 1994 when founder, Fehmi Yilmaz, decided to go into the trade to offer a level of service that he thought other trade suppliers did not provide. The growth of Turkish food outlets in the south of England was the trigger for the family to start their business. As more and more food shops opened that catered for the thriving Turkish community in and around London, there was a growing demand for someone to supply Turkish products to these outlets.

There was a gap in the market as Turkish goods and products could not be sourced locally – and so Azimili was born. Fehmi had always been in the food sector. He had tremendous experience of the market and knew Azimili could be a success. Using his connections in England and Turkey, he kick-started what we know today as one of the leading companies in the trade.

Azimili is now the complete one stop solution for any food outlet. Originally, there were just three people with one van delivering food around London. Today, Azimili offers over 1,000 ambient, frozen and food-related equipment products to the trade. They now have a turnover of over £10 million, 35 employees and 14 vehicles trying to keep up with the growing demand from Turkish restaurants, fast-food outlets and caterers of all kinds. The company imports Turkish and other
ethnic products from all over Europe, receiving more than twenty deliveries a day.

They deliver their products to customers in areas that cover three quarters of the UK. Azimili has not only succeeded in providing the highest quality products and services, but has also managed to supply the trade with catering equipment as well as Turkish ethnic food, spices and ingredients Today, Azimili has thousands of loyal customers and has earned a strong reputation in this marketplace based on the experience gained in the last 15 years.

The Challenge

The existing system, Sage Line 50, was not supporting the business properly and so the company considered an upgrade to the latest version, Sage 150 Professional. Semih Turktas, General Manager at Azimili, was previously employed by another company, Expo Foods. At Expo he was working closely with a Dynamics NAV consultant, Bulent Bagci, who was a big fan of the flagship Microsoft ERP solution.

When Semih joined Azimili he was happy to recommend NAV as a possible alternative for the proposed Sage upgrade. He put forward the NAV solution as he believed that Sage was very limited in its functionality. He felt that NAV was a much more flexible package that would be easier to develop and mould to their needs. The issues with Sage included:

  • Azimili needed a delivery planning worksheet to help calculate which vehicles would deliver what and where.
  • They needed a better costing solution and the ability to do special pricing.
  • They needed to make their work processes shorter to become more efficient, handling more volume with the same workforce.
  • They needed the ability to load a sales order on the system that could then automatically split into two sales orders. For example, provide two invoices for customers with the value of drinks and food split. Another example would be two invoices for different tax purposes.

The Solution?

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