Business Apps for Dynamics NAV
Extending the Reach of NAV across your organisation
More function, more power, better performance
Business Apps for Dynamics NAV
Reporting and Document Management Apps for NAV
Better information, powerful reporting, flexible document handling
Business Apps for Dynamics NAV
System and Security Apps for NAV
User management, process monitoring, total security and control

Business Apps for Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV offers a functionally rich suite of software that will offer a great foundation for any business looking to implement an ERP solution. From CRM to sales, from purchasing to inventory, from finance to manufacturing – Dynamics NAV does it all.

Just occasionally, users of Dynamics NAV look for a bit more functionality – things that can’t be done in the standard system. That’s where our Business Apps for NAV come into play.

We offer a series of added-value applications that extend the reach of your Dynamics NAV solution into new areas, delivering more automation, increased simplification and better flexibility for all your users.

Extending the Reach

Whether it’s scheduling manufacturing on a graphical planning board or building workflows inside NAV, we have an App for that.

If you need to configure orders prior to taking them on as sales, and before you commit to manufacturing them, we can help.

If inventory presents challenges for you, let our App help you to optimise your stock holdings and reduce the capital you have tied up in inventory.

Make your warehousing operation super-efficient with the addition of our barcoding App, part of our hand-held data capture system.

Perhaps you want to totally integrate your web presence with your Dynamics NAV system – we can help. Payroll and HR systems are a requirement for every business, why not check out our alternative products for Dynamics NAV and decide which suits you best.

Reporting and Document Management

Making the right decisions is totally dependent on the information you have available to you. Dynamics NAV offers you a mass of data – we turn that into KPIs and meaningful information with our reporting tools.

Automation of everyday tasks makes your staff more efficient and saves on time and cost. Document Management systems for NAV manage the entire range of automatic document handling – whether they are outbound documents or inbound, whether for processing or storage.

Security and System Management

Dynamics NAV is a very secure system. It also operates really efficiently on-premise or in the cloud. If you check out the standard NAV security and decide you need a bit more, we have a Business App to help you.

What if you want to make sure that your systems are being used effectively and to make sure that processing power is directed to those that need it, when they need it – optimise your NAV installation with our Business App for system management.