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CBS Group builds, installs and maintains uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and large battery back-up systems. They supply and service everything from battery replacements to a complete turnkey UPS or switchgear solution, including power, technical systems and emergency lighting.

UPS maker installs Dynamics NAV solution Europe-wide

CBS Group needed a new business system to help them make a leap forward in performance and efficiency. After CBS was acquired by MGE, the new parent company had exactly the same idea, but for every company in the group. The installation of Dynamics NAV across all the European sites started with a successful implementation at the CBS site in Farnham, Surrey.

The Company

Two family-run companies, Computer Battery Services Ltd and Premier UPS Services Ltd, set up in 1983 & 1991 respectively. They were physically situated across the road from each other and also traded with each other. Premier was the product brand name but, when the two companies merged, the combined organisation became known as CBS Group.

In 2006, CBS Group was acquired by MGE SA, who in turn was owned by Schneider Electric SA. In 2008 Schneider Electric SA acquired a company called APC and merged MGE & APC forming the 'APC by Schneider Group', of which CBS Group is now part. CBS Group supplies maintenance on all brands of UPS and battery systems. They also supply their own brand of UPS devices known as the Premier Series. CBS Group supply everything from battery replacements to maintenance, from an
inspection visit on a UPS to a battery system. They will even design and deliver a complete turnkey solution to replace a UPS, battery, switchgear, Power Factor Correction, emergency lighting and Harmonic Correction Devices.

The Challenge

At group level, MGE made all the decisions about business systems. They decided that they wanted to have the same system in all their offices and that system was Microsoft's Dynamics NAV. MGE's main aim in moving to a single platform for all group companies was consistency. They wanted consolidated reporting from all their European sites – the same information, in the same format, with the same high degree of accuracy they got from their own systems.

Alongside this, they wanted to simplify the process to ensure that reports were easier to produce than previously. Removing manual intervention and duplicate
processing would help reduce the time taken in building the reports. In addition, it would free up staff to do more analysis and less number crunching.

Finally, with a new system in place, they could look at adding other areas that they felt would bring real value to the business – barcoding, serialisation of their products, improved reporting and accurate forecasting.

The Solution?

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