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Specialising in the design and manufacture of quality fires and fireplaces, Charlton and Jenrick's products are carefully crafted to deliver high quality and competitive prices. The complete fireplace solution for any home, their fires and fireplaces offer exceptional performance and stunning design to complement your lifestyle.

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Charlton & Jenrick fired up by Dynamics NAV solution

Charlton & Jenrick had just about taken their old system set-up as far as they could. The existing solution was supporting their exisitng business requirements, but the company were concerned that it would not offer them the growth into new areas they desperately needed.

The company decided that only a fully integrated ERP solution would give them the platform for growth required. For this, they turned to Dynamics NAV from Metaphorix.

The Company

Charlton & Jenrick specialises in the design and manufacture of a diverse range of quality gas fires, electric fires and fireplace products through various brands including:

Paragon Fires

This is Charlton & Jenrick's flagship range of quality gas and electric fires offering a traditional or modern fireplace design.


Whatever a customer's preference, traditional or contemporary surrounds, gas or electric fires, Katell offers a perfect combination of style and practicality at an affordable price.


Fireline offers fireplaces that are combined with the finest quarried marble to create an unrivalled range of attractive fires.

The Challenge

There were two separate systems in place inside Charlton & Jenrick. One offered support for their manufacturing needs and the other provided for their accounts
function. Sales orders were transferred on a weekly basis, and stock updated monthly, from one system into the other. Altogether, it was a long and drawn out process.

The old system had no CRM database and management reports were generated by different people in different departments, often covering the same information but from a different angle. With two systems in use and departments doing their own thing, there was no synchronisation. This led to duplication of effort and, at times, errors in the data.

In addition, the company had real concerns about the organisation that had supplied their stock system. The team in Charlton & Jenrick wanted to be more efficient with more streamlined work processes. To help them move forward they needed a new system. With a new system in place, they could look at adding other areas that they felt would bring real value to the business – barcoding, serialisation of their products, improved reporting and accurate forecasting.

The Solution?

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