Client User Settings.config


Client User Settings.config

This is present for both NAV2009 (Only applicable for RTC) and NAV2013. 
This file holds information about previous connection details used so you don’t have to constantly input the connection details to your server each time you log in. However – this doesn’t mean it can’t cause you issues, so it is good to know how to delete this / amend this file. 
Deleting this file is not an issue generally (apart from losing your connection details – so I’d take a note). After  deleting the file and logging back into NAV a new ‘Clientusersettings.config’ will be generated. 
Symptoms of a broken ClientUserSettings.config

  • Incorrect connection details saved and you want to remove. 
  • Old connection details that need removing. 
These are typically held in the following location:
NAV2009 RTCC:UserssupportAppDataLocalMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics NAV
NAV2013C:UserssupportAppDataRoamingMicrosoftMicrosoft Dynamics NAV70

Please note you can edit the file to add connection details also – see screenshot below. 

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