Microsoft Azure

Capitalize on The Internet of Things

Azure is Microsoft’s cloud computing platform. It is designed for the building, deployment and management of applications and services through a global network of MS managed Data centres.

Azure comprises of an integrated suite of highly powerful web services including:

  • Analytics
  • Database
  • Mobile Networking
  • Storage
  • Web

As a collection of integrated services Azure allows developers and IT professions to create and manage web apps faster, easier and with better results. Azure is open and flexible and supports a huge range of operating systems, programming languages and frameworks.

For more information on how Azure can help you capitalize on The Internet of Things (IoT) click here

Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Azure

Small and Medium businesses are increasingly embracing cloud computing as the future of deploying and consuming software. The flexibility and availability of cloud based solutions is increasingly becoming synonymous with modern lifestyles and many technology experts view it as a case of when and not if all operations move to cloud.

To reflect this demand Metaphorix fully supports cloud deployment in the cloud, including deployment on Windows Azure. Click here for more information on Metaphorix implementation.