Configuring the Web Client for tablets (NAV 2013+)

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In a NAV Know How webinar from earlier in the year, we covered configuring the Web Client for tablets in versions 2013 and above. Some of the specific areas we covered include:


1) Preview Client

2)SQL database- CRONUS-SQL

3) NAV Server – meta-dtp-11x

4) IIS (Web Server) Server – metapdtp-11x

5) Server Certificate/Self Signed Certificate

6) Internal/External

7) Web Client – Aspect Ratios – Phone.aspx/tablet.aspx

8) Android/IOD/Windows App


1) New NAV Service/connect to DB

2) New NAV web Server Instance – NAV 2015 Administration Shell (ADMIN)

3) Server- meta-dp-11x/server Instance – NAVKnowhow (NAV) Webserverinstance- NAV KNow How

4) Check IIS to see new NAV WEb Client instance

5) Make sure a certificate has been assigned to the web client

6) Change the web Config to point to the NAVknowHow Nav Service

7) Check the Web Client

8) Check the “Universal App”



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Andy is Software Engineer at Metaphorix