Construction Bottlenecks: no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy!

How to avoid bottlenecks with construction software

Something unexpected happens in a project and team members are thrown into reactive mode, creating bottlenecks. The best laid plans get disrupted and deadlines become elastic concepts. While this happens in every industry, the often-unpredictable environment of construction is particularly susceptible.

The three most common bottlenecks disrupting site projects are:

• People – Part of your team is unavailable, double booked or a subcontractor has let you down.

• Equipment – A crane arrived later than expected meaning the materials that needed to be moved haven’t and the project has been paused. Your team arrive on site without the correct tools and no-one seems entirely sure where they are

• Space – You have the manpower, they are armed with the correct equipment but there unexpectedly isn’t enough space to accommodate them

Construction bottlenecks are not just limited to these occasions; any time a project has to be slowed to accommodate unforeseen circumstances is a bottleneck and can be incredibly frustrating, not to mention costly!

Metaphorix can help

Metaphorix has taken the sophisticated ERP functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV and tailored it for the construction industry, one of the key strengths to our solution is highly advanced scheduling for construction projects.


Quicker Responses

When a bottleneck occurs it is crucial that the construction company reacts quickly to ensure it is resolved. As an end to end ERP solution NAV gives companies a complete overview of their operations. Whether it’s plant hire or subcontractor management everything is stored and updated in real time ensuring companies can begin troubleshooting immediately.

Identify and Eliminate Common Causes of Bottlenecks

Dynamics NAV gives unparalleled business insight into your company’s history and interactions. The graphical reporting functionality within NAV means it’s easy to rank subcontractors, team members and plant rentals to ensure bottlenecks are avoided and positive interactions are repeated.

Automated Workflows

Efficiently managing workflows is essential for avoiding bottlenecks. Workflows can be complex within relatively basic single organisation projects, if you’re dealing with multiorganization construction projects it can cause major problems. Metaphorix offers solutions that allow users to manage everything from designers to engineers, subcontractors to financial managers, and all from a single interface. As a construction-centric solution Metaphorix has all the industry specific tools required.

Cloud Based Solution

With our cloud based solutions we deliver tangible savings over traditional on-premise deployments. The Microsoft Azure cloud platform offers the most rapid and cost effective infrastructure deployment, instant and cost-effective scalability, and “always-on”, world wide access. There has never been a better platform for security, functionality and certainty of “one version of the truth”.

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics NAV and its industry standard ERP functionality click here.

Do you have some specific construction issues we haven’t covered? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to address them! 


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