“We can’t move our construction business to the cloud because …”

Cloud Computing is hardly new. From social media to email to entertainment most people feel the influence of cloud without even thinking about it. And yet uptake of cloud technologies is notoriously slow in the Construction sector. For every BIM object technical document portal there is a mid-size construction company that still operates on spreadsheets and paper and isn’t keen on changing.

To an extent this is understandable. Construction is an industry that relies on time tested methods. It’s also an industry with narrow profit margins meaning appetite to “rock the boat” is minimal. Old school directors will point to a few key reasons for avoiding taking the plunge, here are some responses an IT Manager can give to these concerns!

Cloud Computing for construction objections, work sites

All that Real Time collaboration and Mobile Portals are great, however slow or non existent internet speeds combined with megabyte heavy technical drawings can mean reluctance to rely on cloud technologies.

ERP solutions such as 4PS construct have a mobile app that was designed with construction projects in mind. All information is available in real time meaning as long as there is an internet connection, there is access to your data. However, if a user goes offline that application saves locally and updates the database once a connection has been established.

This means whether on site in rural Norfolk or engineering underground the solution can accommodate.

Cloud construction concerns money and disruption

Most subscription models offer scalability meaning the solution grows as you grow. Metaphorix offers a fully integrated ERP solution and a smaller finance and project management solution meaning clients only pay for the functionality they require.

The savings that come with a cloud based IT solution will nearly always pay for themselves. A Business Management solution like 4PS ensures construction firms always get paid what they’re owed on time. The Cost Value Reconciliations (CVR) within ERP systems offers pinpoint profitability and forecasting cost-to-complete reporting.

Cloud construction objections technical expertise

Getting used to a new system can be daunting, especially for businesses that have existed in spreadsheets or pen and paper. However, our systems are designed to be user friendly. 4PS Construct is built on Microsoft Dynamics, meaning the interface and much of the usability will be instantly familiar.
Always have a guru. ERP solutions like NAV put great stock in the Super User, a member of staff trained in the system that can act as a go to contact when it comes to the cloud technologies. A supportive ERP partner will provide extensive documentation as well as regular webinars and blogs.

Construction business cloud sensitive data concerns

Everyone has read horror stories of data breaches and cloud hacks, however they are extremely rare. Most construction software delivered on the cloud are done so on highly secure business servers. Dynamics NAV solutions for example are hosted on Azure, the Microsoft cloud hosting service. It is far more common that paper documents get stolen or damaged than hackers take down construction company databases.


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