Intelligent business management software
tailored for the construction industry
Gain true insight into business processes
Manage your projects end to end
Keep track of people and resources

Construction Software

Metaphorix specialises in highly powerful, configurable and intuitive business management software for the construction industry. Our solutions give construction companies all the functionality required to run their business, end to end. From finances to projects, from managing people to keeping track of equipment, everything you do is handled from within a single interface.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

All of our construction software solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (formerly Navision) which guarantees quality and reduces risk to business owners . Dynamics NAV is consistently ranked as an industry leading ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) solution. As a Microsoft product NAV is extremely intuitive and will be instantly familiar to anyone who has used the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel etc.)

Metaphorix takes the industry standard power and functions of Dynamics NAV and tailors it for the construction industry.

Dynamics NAV unifies the various departments of your construction business and provides better visibility into your operations. Metaphorix gives you back control of your business.

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Construction ERP software to reduce your bottlenecks

Turning a lead into a project

Our Software

4PS Construct is a complete Business Management solution for construction companies. 4PS Construct contains a library of specialised functionality that allows you to manage your business from a single interface. 4PS supports the complex processes of construction, installation and infrastructure companies and has over 600 companies using its ERP software, mobile portal and business apps worldwide.

Key Functionality

  • Job Costing
  • CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Software
  • Estimating
  • Cost Value Reconciliation (CVR) and Forecasting’
  • Project Management
  • Variation Control
  • Power BI Reporting
  • Financial Management
  • Graphical Resource and Plant Planning
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Field Service App and Mobile Engineer Solution
  • CRM- Sales and Marketing

MetaJobs is the Financial Management solution for the construction industry. Unlike generic Finance Solutions it has been tailored for the construction industry, ensuring your business remains compliant with all the necessary regulations. MetaJobs provides true insight into every aspect of your finances and allows businesses to optimise key processes, forecast appropriately and provide accurate graphical reports.

Key Functionality

  • Financial Management
  • HMRC Legislation
  • Contract Sales Processing
  • Subcontractor Management
  • CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) Software
  • Payroll Integration

Don’t take our word for it!

Metaphorix know exactly how to apply the software to our business and clearly know the construction industry very well…

Microsoft Dynamics NAV has ticked all the boxes and more.

Andrew Stanley
Company Accountant

Reporting is much improved, processing subcontractor payments is so much easier. As are so many other daily tasks.

We are definitely more efficient with Metaphorix on board.

Paul Armstrong
Financial Director

It’s far better to make informed decisions that decisions made on guesswork and Dynamics NAV allows us to look at the facts rather guessing.

We still haven’t found anything that NAV can’t do for us.

Carsten Henriksen

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