4PS Construction Software
4PS Construct
4PS Construct: The Dynamics NAV Solution for Construction
Builders, Installers, Plant Hire and Service Management
Construction Builders 1140 x 475
4PS Construct: The Dynamics NAV Solution for Construction
Housing, commercial, civil and infrastructure
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Construction Installation 1140 x 475
4PS Construct: The Dynamics NAV Solution for Construction
Installers, Manufacturers, Mechanical & Electrical Contractors
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4PS Construct: Specialist Construction Software
Service Management and Facilities Management
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Construction Plant 1140 x 475
4PS Construct: Specialist Construction Software
Plant Hire – inbound or outbound – service and repair
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4PS Construct: The Construction software solution for Microsoft Dynamics NAV users

4PS Construct: For Different Construction Sub-Sectors

The construction industry is a very specific sector with its own; terminology, ways of working, industry specific processes, and practices. It also faces a large number of legislative demands that many other industry sectors, and countries outside of the UK do not. Therefore, companies competing in the UK market require a very specific business management software that will meet those exacting demands if they are to be successful.

What functionality do construction software companies need?

First of all, it’s important to note that the UK construction industry is not one large block! The industry is divided into different sectors with specialist organisations serving them. These sectors include; construction companies such as house builders, commercial developers, civil engineers and project engineers amongst others, installation companies such as manufacturers, installers, electrical engineers, specialists contractors and facilities management businesses; and then there are also plant hire businesses who hire and manage commercial plant and machinery. Each of these types of businesses require specialist construction software functionality. 4PS is a fully integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution with the tools to accommodate all these areas.

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  • Builders

    4PS Construct contains all the functionality required for house builders, commercial builders, civil engineers, infrastructure and construction contractors.

  • Installation

    4PS supports manufacturers, installers, mechanical and electrical engineers, specialist contractors and organisations engaged in maintenance and FM.

  • Service Management

    4PS offers full service function – maintenance & repair, mobile access, job scheduling, customer portal, graphical planning and much more.

  • Plant Hire

    4PS delivers functionality for plant hire companies of all types – internal plant management divisions or companies engaged in the commercial hire of plant.

4PS Construction Key Benefits

What benefits do construction software solutions offer?

Unlike other products that only offer construction accounting software, 4PS Construct is a business management suite that caters for the whole business. It delivers functionality in the form of configurable settings so that it matches exactly what each of the specific construction companies need to perform to their optimum ability.

4PS Construct: The Dynamics NAV Construction Solution

4PS Construct is the premier Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution for construction, installation, engineering contractors and plant hire companies. Our ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software supports all the business processes in building or engineering projects. From finance to HR, from estimates to contracts, from projects to payments – 4PS Construct does it all.

Construction Software Functionality

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