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"The NAV system brought our organisation together,
allowing us to work more effectively across the
entire company. This change is one of the most
important things we've done to the business since
I arrived."

Dynamics CRM


Build a recognised brand. Intelligent marketing on a huge level or on a one to one basis.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is an integrated marketing suite with a huge range of functionality that allows users to devise, create, execute and measure marketing campaigns from a single interface. Marketers are able to engage customers on a 1-to-1 level across a variety of channels. Sales pipelines can be created and updated in Real Time and the highly intuitive reporting functionality built into MS Dynamics CRM ensures every action taken is measurable and optimised.

Become a Dynamic Business

Stay Connected
Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available anywhere with an internet connection. This means your people have access to relevant information whenever they want it, wherever they are.

Integrate with Office
As a Microsoft product, Dynamics is fully connected with all office based products meaning the functionality is simple to use, intuitive and doesn’t require expensive or time consuming bolt ons.

Manage your marketing
Data, goal, lead and campaign management is all included within the product

All of these CRM features, one great marketing solution

Resource Management: Metaphorix provides you with a complete overview of your business operations, allowing you to streamline productivity and integrate all marketing channels. Email, Digital, Social Media as well as traditional routes all in a single interface.

Multichannel campaigns. Right through from planning to reporting every stage of the process is handled from within a single, Microsoft based interface.

Build brand Plan, build, execute and report multichannel campaigns. Bring your marketing alive and demonstrate its impact.

Lead Scoring Build a highly responsive and rich sales pipeline tailored to suit your business. Nurture prospects and revolutionise sales processes.

Sales and marketing Collaboration As an overarching business management solution Metaphorix allows you to strengthen Sales and Marketing synergy and ensure all
departments work in harmony and pull in the same direction.

Social Media Marketing Engage your customers in a way that suits them. Dynamics CRM comes with a library of embedded social tools ensuring your brand gets its voice heard and public sentiment monitored.

Reporting and Analytics Demonstrate your successes, improve performance with Real Time marketing reporting tools.

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