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"The NAV system brought our organisation together,
allowing us to work more effectively across the
entire company. This change is one of the most
important things we've done to the business since
I arrived."

Dynamics CRM


From prospect to customer, to satisfied customer!

Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a complete sales solution which helps your people be more productive and focussed on what’s important- delivering top quality customer experiences.
Fully embedded Microsoft office capabilities, partnered with lead-to-cash visibility, guided sales processes and actionable analytics come together to form a top end Sales focussed CRM solution to optimise your efforts.

Become a Dynamic Business

Your People Spend More Time Selling

Dynamics CRM is an extremely intuitive and user friendly solution which gives sales people the power to minimize busy work and get on with selling. As a cloud solution Dynamics CRM is available anywhere with an internet connection meaning sales professionals always have the right information at their fingertips.
Your processes run smoother boosting sales efficiency

By streamlining approvals and automating manual tasks, Dynamics CRm can help your organisation consistently implement and maintain best practises. Powerful workflows, guided sales dialogues and highly responsible goal tracking ensures you gain a true overview of your processes.

Your Revenue Opportunities are Maximised

Highly powerful sales tools you are already familiar with…

Since Dynamics CRM is built on a Microsoft platform the majority of the high end tools incorporated into the suite will feel immediately natural and personal to users. The solution is fully integrated with Outlook and Microsoft office allowing for a smooth, end-to-end sales process. Key tools include:

  • Intelligent Lead Management
  • Outlook Integration
  • Responsive Analytics
  • Guided Dialogs
  • Real Time Forecasts
  • Online Data Sources

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