A date for your diaries – Skills card blitz

CSCS skills cards, are very much in the industry press recently. This week a worker has been jailed for 6 months for using a false name to obtain a skills card to work illegally on numerous sites.

It’s quite appropriate then, that on Wednesday 8th February, there will be an audit across the whole industry, where construction workers will be asked to show their cards. Make sure your employees and subcontractors are carrying theirs!

The audit ensures that the cards are still valid and up-to-date, and are of the smart card variety. Smart cards contain a chip which stores the cardholders’ identity, qualifications and training history. Responsible persons can then use a smartphone, tablet or laptop to read this information to ensure the cardholder has the appropriate training to carry out their duties on site.

As a contractor, you may responsible for hundreds of workers and the validity of their CSCS cards. If workers are refused entry to site because their cards have expired, then several working hours can be lost, and projects delayed.

Effective management of Skills Cards, tracking and maintenance of associated certifications is now paramount throughout the construction sector.

4PS Construct – The world leading Construction Industry ERP from Metaphorix helps you by maintaining, the expiry dates of all CSCS cards, as well as other certification such as vehicle licenses and insurance certificates. These are all stored within the system. Automatic reports are used to notify you of when all expiry dates are due – Tests can then be booked well in advance to ensure timely renewals, and eliminate the chance of your workers being turned away from site.

If you’d like more information about this function, or 4PS Construct in general, or would like to book a demonstration of the software, then Get in touch

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Mark Egan

4PS Sales Manager
Mark has worked in construction sales for more than 10 years, advising main contractors, M&E and other sub-contractors through hundreds of site visits. During that time Mark developed a good understanding of contractor processes. This has led to a successful transition to selling the benefits of 4PS, the industry leading construction ERP software, which solves many of the problems that contractors encounter.