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Dura Vermeer Equipment Service is the equipment hire and service division of Dura Vermeer Group. They focus on the rental and sale of all types of equipment for use by construction companies across the Netherlands. They also offer a consultancy service to advise clients on the types of equipment required for specialist projects.

dura vermeer

Dutch construction giant powers ahead using 4PS Construct

Dura Vermeer felt its out-dated systems were holding them back. They needed a new solution, one that was fully Microsoft compliant and 4PS fitted the bill. The deep understanding of the industry made 4PS stand out for the staff at Dura Vermeer and, in the end, the choice was a simple one.

The Company

Dura Vermeer Materieelservice is part of the Dutch corporation, Dura Vermeer Group N.V. It focuses on the small projects, resourcing materials, plus the maintenance, hire and sale of plant. It is also specialises in site preparation and casings. Dura Vermeer Materieelservice manages the materials aspect of projects for nine other construction companies within the Dura Vermeer Group.

Its services range from carrying out site clearances to managing a large inventory of small items and tools through to the maintenance and hire of large plant such as cabins, cranes and all types of scaffolding. Dura Vermeer Materieelservice has 110 employees and a turnover of £18 million p.a.

The Challenge

The old ERP package, which was not Microsoft-based, was originally installed in 2002. Whilst the package had sufficient functionality for their current needs, the software was not transparent enough and nor was it future-proof. Though its functionality was still supporting the business on a daily basis it was a static solution, with no new developments planned.

Another problem came from the need to link the system with Dura Vermeer’s other packages – something the old system struggled to achieve. Finally, users were not happy with the look and feel of the old system. They compared it to an old-fashioned DOS program. The company decided to buy a new ERP system at the start of 2009. A project group headed by Johan Krouwel, Financial Controller and Otto van Stijn, IT Administrator, started to look for a suitable replacement.
Johan Krouwel began a process with 4PS that culminated in the purchase of 4PS Construct for company-wide implementation.

The Solution?

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