The Dynamics Kingdom

In the land of ERP the empire of Microsoft Dynamics spreads far and wide. This noble Kingdom is divided into ancient* houses, each of which provide an end to end business management solution for those looking to save time, save money and automate key processes. These Houses are:

Kingdom of Microsoft Dynamics

*the 1980s

Dynamics AX

The largest House, Dynamics AX focuses on Enterprise customers. It is highly powerful and includes a vast library of tools. However there is a lot less out the box functionality than the other houses and therefore can require more installation.

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Dynamics NAV (House Navision)

Although it tends to focus on smaller/medium sized organisations House Navision has the largest empire in the ERP kingdom with over 5,000,000 end users worldwide. It is highly flexible and can be tailored to suit very specific industry requirements. As a scalable solution it can also take on larger organisations. Dynamics NAV tends to focus on the Construction. Manufacturing, Distribution and Service sectors.

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Dynamics GP (House Great Plains)

The North American arm of Microsoft Dynamics, GP is SME focussed and seen as an ideal first step for companies outgrowing entry level accounting software.

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Dynamics SL (House Solomon)

The elder house in the Dynamics empire, SL was founded in 1980 and is geared towards government, finance and professional services. It’s key strength lies in its highly powerful project accounting tools.

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Dynamics CRM (House Engagement)

Though not technically an ERP Solution, Dynamics CRM can be fully integrated into Dynamics NAV. A highly intuitive and customer focused system, CRM provides excellent user experience and allows companies to win and retain customers.

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Dynamics NAV game of thrones


For more information on House Navision, or for a Trial by Combat to determine Dynamics’ suitability for your business, send a raven now!

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