Dynamics NAV SaaS Solution. Six Potential Benefits.

What this could mean for Dynamics NAV and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Microsoft today announced the details of Dynamics NAV 2016 and the key bit of information that everyone is talking about is General Availability. What this means in real terms is a sophisticated, flexible Cloud SaaS solution. Here are six things this could change about Dynamics NAV and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions as a whole:

Any time, Any Place, Any Device

Perhaps the most important benefit of Dynamics NAV 2016 as a SaaS cloud solution is the convenience of availability. As a fully online system Dynamics NAV will be available to users anywhere with an internet connection. This means key work can be performed remotely on mobile devices.
This is particularly beneficial for clients who deal with multiple locations. All information is kept correct in Real Time and can be accessed whenever required.

Easy Implementation

Whilst on premises systems have their own strengths and benefits they can also be time consuming and costly. A fully cloud SaaS solution can be implemented almost at the click of a button, simply pour your data into the system, ensure everything is configured and go.

Data Security

Although there are always fears about data security when it comes to cloud computing, a fully SaaS application like Dynamics NAV 2016 can actually include a number of benefits of its own. By allowing Microsoft to host your data on its own secure servers user negate the need to store information on portable devices which can be damaged or lost.

Flexible Licensing

Cloud optimized licensing allows users to better manage their licenses with Dynamics NAV. Users can be added quickly meaning the NAV solution can grow as businesses grow. Additional business apps incorporated to the NAV package should also be easy and straightforward to implement meaning tweaks to a customer’s business management package are immediately effective.

Easy Upgrades

Unlike in-house systems where users have to consider the time and cost of making significant changes to their solution, cloud based applications can be updated quickly and easily. Since the updates are made off premise customers can implement upgrades and discover additional tools with a minimum of fuss.

Always Available

Microsoft is promising 99.9% availability as well as a dedicated support team meaning customer’s solutions are fully secure and always available. This means universal access with no strings attached; as long as users have a good internet connection, they have access to Dynamics NAV 2016.


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