Extending the Reach of NAV across your organisation

Extending the Reach with Business Apps for Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV offers a functionally rich suite of software that will offer a great foundation for any business looking to implement an ERP solution. From CRM to sales, from purchasing to inventory, from finance to manufacturing – Dynamics NAV does it all.

Just occasionally, users of Dynamics NAV look for a bit more functionality – things that can’t be done in the standard system. That’s where our Business Apps for NAV come into play.


An inventory optimisation tool that delivers significant savings on stockholdings by automating re-stocking calculations.


This powerful workflow engine manages, simplifies & automates routine tasks throughout your business.


A powerful rules-based tool for configuring products to generate a sales order or before manufacturing to create a works order.

Production Planning

The graphical planning tool for manufacturing with a light footprint and a low cost allows users to drag-and-drop works orders across timer and resource to achieve the optimum planning efficiency.

Production Planning

The seriously powerful graphical planning tool for manufacturing delivers the same basic function as VPS but with some more powerful additions such as an automatic optimisation option.

B2B e-Commerce

Sana Commerce helps improve your customer service through easy web-shop order processing and 24/7 online access to product information – seamlessly integrated with Dynamics NAV.


Using hand-held RDT devices to capture information on receipts, shipments and warehouse movements is all part of this barcoding solution for NAV inventory and warehousing.

Payroll and HR

Microsoft’s recommended approach for payroll and HR functionality alongside Dynamics NAV is both rich in function and fully integrated for easy, efficient use.

Payroll and HR

For a budget payroll and HR option, look no further than Sage’s award-winning system which we’ve integrated into Dynamics NAV to give you a seamless link between NAV finance and your Sage functionality.