How to Create a NAV 2013 RTC Service


How to Create a NAV 2013 RTC Service

To create a NAV 2013 RTC Service you must first have the NAV
2013 client / development client installed on the middle tier server you are
going to use. As a result of having the development environment installed you
should have the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Administration tool available to use as
this guide is based on the prerequisite that you have already restored /
created a database in the SQL Server Management Studio (or client).
For this guide we are going to use the ‘Cronus DB’ database which
I have created.

The SQL Server will be called:
The Middle Tier will be called:

Open the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Administration
tool on your middle tier (for this example Nav2013).
Right Click the below >> Add Instance
Enter the following details – the ports don’t
matter much at the moment, we will configure them shortly.
I would recommend using an account with
elevated permissions in order to run the service. I typically wouldn’t use
Administrator but for this guide I will be
. A good example of this is a
windows account called:
Ensure the Config is pointing at the correct SQL
Server and the DB name is correct:
Also note this where you would amend the ports. If the
service doesn’t start correct it is most likely related to the ports. As we
have so many Databases running we are running out of ports and so I am going to
try and use 7015/7016/7017/7018.
Note: Please remember all these values can be
edited by using the ‘Edit’ button at the bottom of the screen (see below
screenshot for point 4. And Note).
Now we will open the ‘Services’ function. You
can do this by going to your start menu >> Run >> Services.msc
(windows 7 / 8 just type this into the search box).
As we can see the service has now been created:
We can now try and run the Service >>
Right Click >> Start
If all goes well the service will start and you can then
connect to the Database using the RTC client (skip to point 9. To find out what your connections string is).
If you have received an error this is probably
because the ports are already being used or you have to sort out the SPNs
(which I will cover on another guide).
I believe this error is due to the Ports
7016/7017/7018/7015 already being used. I will change the ports to find a
combination that work.
I manually edited the Config file from the
following location:

I then changed the ports to 7027 / 7028 / 7029 / 7030. This
can be done in the Administration tool from section 2. But I prefer doing it
this way. Remember to save the Config file after you have amended this.
Note: To debug why a service won’t start – use the
Event Viewer

This is what the service should look like – it is now
running correctly.

Great so you’ve got to point 9 so hopefully the
service starts correctly. We now need to find out what the connection string
is. To do this we can use the following:

Name of the Middle Tier = nav2013

Server Instance = CronusDB

Client Services Port = 7027


You can now login:

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