How to Create a User in NAV 2013 R2


Set Up User and User Rights

NAV allows companies to limit users to only view information that pertains directly to their job role. There are a variety of different permissions that a user may be granted dependent on the type of tasks that they will be carrying out on a day-to-day basis. Administrators can specify what authorised users are allowed to do within the database:

  • Read data
  • Insert data
  • Modify data
  • Delete data
  • Execute data

Procedure: Set Up a New User Card

When users log on to the database, they can perform tasks in accordance with the permissions that they have been allocated.

To set up a new user go to the Navigation Page > click Departments > Administration > IT Administration > General > Users.

Once you have reached this page (pictured above) select Users and the click on New, alternatively press Ctrl + N to create a New User.

Now you are in the User Card (below) select the ellipses (…) on the fast tab Windows Authentication, this will open the Select User or Group window. In this window type the domain of your user, in this case metaphorix, and the user name (taken from their windows login). 
The next step is to find the user by selecting Check Names > OK. This will auto-populate the User Card with necessary information to create a user. At this point it is possible to submit additional information to the user card such as a date on which the users permissions will expire and the user’s password (assuming database logins are used rather than windows authentication).  
Complete the stage by entering the user’s permission level in the bottom left-hand corner, in this case SUPER, and click OK.

The user “danielw” has now been added to Navision 2013 R2.

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