A highly flexible and intutitive Distribution Business Management software.
Superior order cycle. Intuitive workflows. Powerful inventory tools
Warehouse Management
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"If we hadn't made the decision to go to MS Dynamics NAV...
...we wouldn't be in business today."


Distribution and Wholesale software to manage your entire business

A powerful, easy to use Enterprise Resource Planning software for the Distribution Industry, enabling faster responses.

Metafast is a business management solution that provides small and medium distribution enterprises with the ability to streamline their operations, cut costs and increase service and profitability. The solution is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV with additional inbuilt functionality tailored to fit the Distribution and wholesale industry.

By providing clients with shorter order cycle times, highly intuitive workflows, dashboards and powerful inventory tools Metafast delivers a superb, end to end ERP solution for Distributers and wholesalers.

Distribution is an increasingly complex and competitive industry, Metafast provides an affordable business management solution which simplifies operations and provides real business insight.

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Simplifying Distribution Channel Performance putting you in charge

The simple truth for Distribution companies is the more you are able to ship and sell, the better! By investing in a highly sophisticated yet affordable Wholesale Distribution software like MetaFast companies are able to simplify highly complex and costly processes boosting productivity and profits.
Order cycle times and fulfillment, put-away, picking, stocking levels and obsolescence are all optimised from a single interface. As a 360 degree solution MetaFast gives you access to essential information at the click of a button.

Metafast is an extremely flexible solution meaning only the applications required are implemented. The solution is backed by a huge library of additional functionality in the form of Dynamics NAV meaning your Metafast product can grow as you grow

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Manage Key Distributor Resources

From procurement to inventory, from inbound to delivery. Every stage of your business can be handled from within MetaFast. As a fully supported Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution MetaFast contains all the functionality required to manage all elements of Distribution, as a tailored solution it fits every brief.

Build a Leaner Supply Chain

An automated business management ERP can give help cut costs, errors and shorten leade times across your supply chain. MetaFast gives full visibility to back office operations, financial processes and, crucially, supply chain management. Improve inventory management, procurement, demand forecasting and much more to ensure a leaner, more responsive supply chain.

Pass on the benefits to the customer!

Perhaps the most valuable benefit of a good distribution focussed ERP solution is the ability to pass on the benefits to your customers. By cutting costs, improving efficiency and better predicting problems you are able to reduce mistakes, ship accurately, on time and win brand loyalty.

Full Functionality

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