The Dynamics NAV Solution for Distribution.

MetaFast Functionality

MetaFast Distribution Software. A complete Business Management solution.

MetaFast provides small and medium-sized distribution companies with an end-to-end, fully integrated business management solution that helps to streamline warehouse operations, increase productivity, protect margins and improve profitability.

Based on the power of Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV solution, MetaFast’s flexible, modular structure enables the addition of new or custom functionality as required to match the evolution of the business.

In the highly competitive and increasingly complex world of distribution, MetaFast delivers a solution with efficient workflows and faster order cycle times, delivering improved customer satisfaction.

Introducing MetaFast

In an environment of global competition, increasing item and channel complexity and decreasing margins, distribution companies need a strong business management solution to support their operations.

The system should provide inventory and warehouse management tools married to powerful financial and sales applications.The solution should integrate customer, order and financial information.

It should support complex item structures and inventory tracking, warehouse layout and use, pick/pack processes, labelling, shipping, and order tracking. Repetitive tasks, or those dependent on the successful completion of an earlier process – such as order distribution, generation of picking lists or despatch notes, transport carrier assignment or customer invoicing – are labour-intensive and inefficient.

These can be automated or batch processed to save time, reduce errors, and focus employee attention on satisfying customers. Investments in inventory can be maximised by improving decisions related to item acquisition, storage, handling and replenishment.

Quick access to, and analysis of, key business information can help to improve decision-making.

Accurate and timely information allows managers to plan effectively and make better-informed business decisions. It will also help the company to comply with regulations or customer requests – ranging from Sarbanes-Oxley to product tracking and full traceability.

All this function and flexibility is exactly what small and medium-sized distribution companies need.
But you don’t just need a system that has lots of functionality – it has to be cost effective. The system must be competitively priced, easy to use and quick to implement. In addition, it has to be easy to adapt to your own business or industry requirements and flexible enough to provide a long-term solution as the company grows.

That solution is MetaFast.

MetaFast offers distributors a modern, easy to-use, cost-effective solution that delivers a rapid return on investment. MetaFast is ideal for wholesalers or eTailers that supply from stock or back-to-back orders for overnight delivery.

MetaFast, together with the repair and maintenance elements from our MetaServ solution, is specifically designed for companies that offer a service contract behind the products they distribute.

MetaFast is also strong in functionality for organisations that install products or carry out projects as part of the sale. Whether you sell major capital goods or offer next-day delivery – MetaFast will handle it. Whether you handle thousands of products or deal with thousands of options on the same product – MetaFast will handle it. MetaFast is the complete solution for distribution companies

Distribution Software Case Studies

N&W Global

N&W Global Vending is an internationally acclaimed supplier of vending machines. They provide sales and support for all Necta and Wittenborg products. They offer the complete service, supplying hot and cold beverages, snack and food products dispensers plus can and bottle vending machines

N&W Global

Established in 1990, Simms is a privately owned company based in Kent, specialising in the distribution of PC memory products via the internet. They are the UK market leaders for a wide range of technology products, based on their in-depth knowledge of their markets and their customers’ needs.

Charlton & Jenrick

Specialising in the supply of fires and fireplaces, Charlton & Jenrick’s products are carefully crafted to deliver high quality at competitive prices. The complete fireplace solution for any home, their fires offer exceptional performance and stunning design to complement your lifestyle.

Charlton & Jenrick

Doorfit has grown as a family business over its 50-year history to become one of the largest suppliers of architectural ironmongery, garage doors and sliding door gear. With over 3,000 sq ft of showroom space, 30,000 stock lines and 60 trained staff, they offer an unrivalled service.


Product Functionality

The following sections give brief descriptions of the Distribution function offered by MetaFast.

Sales and Receivables

Sales Ledger, Sales Invoicing & Sales Order Management.

Sales Invoice Discounts – allows you to calculate invoice discounts automatically.

Sales Line Discounting – sets up customer discounts that are either customer-specific or customer group-specific.

Shared Discounts – a discount can be shared among several customers.

Alternative Ship-To Addresses.

Order promising calculations.

Third party carrier links.

Sales Return Management – create a sales return order or compensate a customer for wrong or damaged items.

Calendars – set up calendars with working and non-working days.

Key dates – calendar entries are used in the date calculations in Sales, Purchases, Transfers, Production, Service and in the Requisition and Planning Worksheets.

Sales Line Pricing & Campaign Pricing

Purchase and Payables

Purchase Ledger, Purchase Invoicing, Purchase Order Management.

Alternative Order Addresses.

Purchase Invoice Discounts – lets you calculate invoice discounts automatically.

Requisition Management – automate the requisition procedure. Requisition Management automatically generates suggested purchases based on your settings.

Purchase Return Management – create a purchase return order or compensate your own company for wrong or damaged items.

Purchase Line Pricing & Discounting.


Stock Control, Multiple Locations, Location Transfers, Stocking UOMs & Bins.

Alternative Vendors, BOMs & Kitting.

Item Substitutions & Cross References, Item Tracking, Item Charges & Non-stock Items.

Cycle Counting – helps to verify inventory data. It is used to maintain and increase inventory accuracy.

Pick, Put Away, Warehouse Receipt & Warehouse Shipment.

Standard Cost Worksheet – for companies carrying out the periodic task of reviewing and updating standard costs.

Analysis Reports & Item Budgets.

Business Intelligence

Key to our successful implementations is making sure all users can see the information they need, easily and quickly – then to analyse it in ways that show the real performance of their business, allowing them to make the right decisions.
Our BI tool, QlikView, delivers this analysis. Using the standard QlikView tools, it’s possible to quickly produce analysis and reports for every part of your organisation.


Balanced Scorecard, Performance Management, Predictive Analysis, What-if Analysis, Activity-Based Management

Financial & HR

Financial Consolidation, P&L Analysis by Division, Compliance, Risk Management & Sustainability, Workforce and Benefits

Sales Marketing

Service & Web Sales Planning, Customer Analysis, Campaign Performance, Product Profitability/Price, Sales Performance

Supply Chain Management

Demand Planning, Procurement Analysis, Supplier Performance, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Logistics & Fulfilment Analysis

Warehouse Management

Warehouse map, locations and bins – easily set up and maintain the layout of your warehouse.

Automated Picks and Put Aways, Moves and Replenishments.

Automated Data Capture System – capture data automatically using barcodes and handheld devices.

Inventory Optimisation

The Inventory Optimiser increases profits by eliminating unnecessary costs from the supply chain. The Optimiser is specially designed for businesses in the retail, wholesale and distribution sectors. It uses data from Dynamics NAV and automatically selects the best fitting forecasting method to estimate future demand.

The main functions offered include:

Order proposals that minimise inventory costs are generated and uploaded back into Dynamics NAV.

Users get a graphical view of historical sales, inventory levels and shortages.

The system generates user-defined exception reports, listing items that need special attention.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Streamline and automate your sales processes with CRM. Dynamics CRM lets salespeople create a single view of the customer to help ensure a shorter sales cycle, higher close rates and improved customer retention.

Give sales professionals fast access to useful data, online or offline, so they can work efficiently and spend more time selling.

CRM covers the following key functions:

Contact Management & Contact Classification.

Campaign Management & Opportunity Management.

Task Management & Interaction/Document Management.

Contact Search, Mail Logging & Outlook Client Integration.

Service Management

Service Order Management, Price & Item Management.

Service Contract Management – set up an agreement with the customer concerning the service level that will be delivered.

Warranty management – on service items and spare parts.

Planning and Despatching plus Job Scheduling.

Installation & project control and costing.

Subcontractor management with CIS.

Engineers’ processing in the field using PDAs.


agilesWorkflow manages, simplifies and automates routine processes and tasks throughout your business. It keeps track of the status of tasks to be completed on a daily basis. It ensures the actioning of all important tasks, exactly when they need doing, and even automates the completion of tasks, where possible.

When a certain scenario occurs in your business, agilesWorkflow can automatically create a workflow with all the required ‘todos’ for that particular scenario.

Each individual ‘to-do’ is forwarded to the appropriate employee or team of employees, along with the detail of what needs to be completed and when.
The solution improves the efficiency, quality and transparency of all your processes – and all within your Dynamics NAV solution.

Product Benefits

Information you can trust

Your people can access information as needed, without having to switch between a variety of separate applications or systems. If your business crosses international lines, the solution’s robust multi-language and multi-currency support helps remove the complexity of communication, financial transactions and reporting across geographies.

Web-based access

Give customers and suppliers self-service capabilities through the internet without compromising information security. The self-service functions in MetaFast help to streamline customer support, billing and replenishment activities.

In addition, remote employees such as sales representatives or service teams can be productive anytime, anywhere. Employee Portal in MetaFast provides a web-based interface for staff. Using this portal, employees can view almost all company data, on-line through a web browser.

Streamline processes

MetaFast helps streamline the entire process of distribution. From stock replenishment, supply chain management through order taking and management, to warehouse receiving and put-away, picking, packing and labelling.

MetaFast will help you to reduce order cycle times and improve on-time delivery rates. Because the solution integrates information from one end of the business to the other, you can automate previously manual steps.

Information flows directly from one process to the next, and the completion of tasks can automatically trigger the next process without delays.

Automation & control

Increase productivity by eliminating manual processes, streamlining warehouse operations and enabling fast, accurate fulfilment and invoicing.

Take control of items and inventory to reduce inventory costs. Gain insight into your most profitable products, your business performance and key opportunities. Tailor it to your needs. The flexibility of MetaFast means you can implement only what you need to fit your current operational requirements. If your requirements change, there is a huge library of additional applications that make up the Dynamics NAV family of products, all of which are fully integrated with MetaFast.

You simply define your requirement and we will implement the additional functionality alongside your existing installation. This means that specific functionality, such as our e-business modules, can be purchased separately, as required.

The extra benefit this offers is the matching of your investment with the return that additional functionality delivers.

In addition, you can easily customise fields and screens to work with your terminology and practices and to integrate the solution with existing applications and systems.

Changing the way you do Business…

Metaphorix helps small and medium-sized companies change the way they do business with their customers and with their suppliers.
Using the Dynamics NAV suite of ERP and CRM software from Microsoft, together with our high quality professional services, we evolve your business processes to deliver a faster, more accurate, more productive and more efficient business model to the benefit of everyone that interacts with it.

Metaphorix is one of the premier partners for Microsoft Dynamics in the UK and a consistent top performer in terms of new customer installs and customer service.

Today, the company has a strong customer portfolio in our chosen vertical markets across the SME and Corporate sectors. As a Microsoft Partner, we provide extensive Microsoft product support to our growing customer base.

Our unique approach to delivering projects, offering fixed price contracts, means that our customers know exactly what they are getting for their money. That’s why we are the partner of choice for over 100 companies, from construction and manufacturing to retail and distribution.

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