The Dynamics NAV Solution for Manufacturers.

MetaMan Functionality

MetaMan Manufacturing Software. A complete Business Management solution for manufacturers.

MetaMan, designed specifically for the UK SME market, is built around the power of Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV package. It has the strategy, planning and deployment functionality that manufacturers need to help streamline their operations and to respond quickly to changing market conditions.

MetaMan provides a quick, responsive and adaptable way to plan manufacturing, assess capacity available, offer projections of delivery date, put plans into action, track, progress, cost and analyse performance of all aspects of the manufacturing process.

Introducing MetaMan

Manufacturing is extremely process-centric. A variety of pre-established steps go into the creation of each product, while other sets of defined processes support materials procurement, scheduling, and shipping arrangements.

To succeed in today’s challenging market, manufacturers need to optimise the whole process to get maximum efficiency. This means that you need a system that controls every aspect of the cycle, shortening manufacturing times and eliminating excess cost.

MetaMan offers a modern, easy to use, cost effective solution that delivers a real return on investment for a range of different types of manufacturing organisation.

• Discrete or batch process
• Make to stock or make to order
• Contract or project-based manufacturing

MetaMan provides a robust set of tools to manage and analyse every aspect of your business.


Discrete manufacturing is characterised by unit production. Units can be produced in low volume with very high complexity or high volumes of low complexity. Low volume, high complexity production needs an extremely flexible manufacturing system that improves quality and time-to market speed, while cutting costs.

High volume, low complexity production puts the emphasis on inventory control, lead times and reducing or limiting materials costs and waste. MetaMan offers the tools to deliver both these environments to suit your particular style of manufacturing.

Batch Process

Process manufacturing involves the automation of the product lifecycle for recipe based manufacturers. From new product development, recipe management and production, to cost, quality, and regulatory management – MetaMan handles it all.

It enables you to formulate products to individual customer specifications, manage variability, optimise capacity and drive continuous process improvement.

Make to Stock

Control over inventory management is key when making to stock. Managing material availability and stock levels is all important. Inventory Optimisation, Master Production Scheduling (MPS) and Material Requirements Planning (MRP) in MetaMan work together to provide accurate planning and control of materials and products.

Make to Order

Powerful quotation facilities are important to companies that produce items to order. Using the bill-of-materials and routings in the system, you can quickly build a new product or variation on an old one.

Users can easily derive the costs and timescales involved for the new variant, allowing you to quickly arrive at a firm price to quote to the customer and then to offer them an accurate delivery date.

If you need to configure to order, the tools in MetaMan allow you to build a sales order and convert it to a works order to seamlessly link the sale with the production of the item.

Contract/Project Manufacturing

JOBS is the module in MetaMan that allows you to control this type of process. It provides a powerful system for defining a contract or project structure, recording time and expenses, creating action lists and matching progress to payments.

Totally Flexible

The parameter-driven software base provided by Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV means that MetaMan can be configured to match the processes of a wide range of industry sectors.

In addition, we have added functionality specifically designed to meet the needs of our target vertical markets. MetaMan is configured for the following industry sectors.

• Engineering
• Consumer goods
• IT & Hi-tech equipment

With workflow, MetaMan can adapt to your business, allowing you to operate in the way your users do now – making the solution easy to accept and quick to install, delivering a rapid return on your investment.

In addition, the solution’s integration with MS Office means that the user interface looks and works like a familiar desktop. This also helps to speed up the implementation, reducing the time and cost involved.

Finally, with the powerful web services enablement, the system can be opened up to customers, suppliers and users in the field through a simple set of interfaces.

An end to end business management solution…

Production Management

Production Management provides interactive entry and maintenance of production routes and works order details, with associated input of production data at each defined work centre operation. Extensive and easy-to-use enquiry and reporting facilities are provided to view the progress of any job.

Quality control data and batch traceability are incorporated at every stage from the raw material to the finished product. Works orders can be automatically generated from sales order information or manually planned from base route data. Amendments can be easily performed for any job.

Bills of Material

Production routes can contain operations with associated labour rates, materials, special items (e.g. tooling and outwork) and comments or instructions. Recipes can be built using percentages for the allocation of ingredients to the mix.

Users can create routes for products with any number of alternative routes, where required. Copying of existing routes makes creation of new routes for similar products easy. Standard instruction comments can be held and updated centrally on routes. A global raw material substitution makes for easier maintenance when materials change.

Graphical Scheduling

With the graphical scheduler, users can access an overview of production schedules displayed in Gantt charts and use drag-and drop functionality to reschedule operations. All changes made are verified, then reflected in the relevant production order.

Advanced Finite Scheduling

The Finite Scheduling System (FCS) is a more comprehensive, totally graphical planning tool that helps you to efficiently plan the production activities and distribute the workload among the available resources. The granule’s flexible drag-and-drop functionality has been designed to enable manual changes to the plan using easy graphical tools whilst maintaining the consistency of the plan. Taking a machine as an example of a resource centre, the order of sequence of that machine centre can be changed.

In addition, an operation from it can be moved to another one, if it is a valid alternative. Using colour coded graphics, the user can see the alternative machines to which an operation can be transferred. Where the move is not possible, an exception message is displayed. This makes planning production a dynamic and flexible on-screen process that supports the planner at every stage.

Order Promising

This helps users to promise order delivery dates more accurately with the built-in available-to-promise (ATP) and capable-to-promise (CTP) processing.

Exceptions Handling
Action messaging, tracking and multiple planning options enable you to quickly make exceptions and last-minute changes to meet customer needs.

Supply Planning
Users can plan from the sales order, production order or from a purchase requisition. This is available in addition to the traditional master production schedule (MPS) or material requirements planning (MRP) methods.

The system lets you drive materials flow through the supply chain with MetaMan’s multi-location planning capabilities. Users are able to update and change all materials, costs and operations simultaneously.

Demand Forecasting

Using MetaMan’s inbuilt Demand Forecasting Software, you can increase collaborative planning. Users analyse sales patterns from multiple perspectives by comparing forecasted demand with actual sales, then consolidate these into a single plan for review by everyone involved in the planning process.

Manual Planning

An alternative to printed production schedules for smaller businesses, the Manual Planning tool eliminates the complexity of a full MRP system. It offers a simple supply planning tool that enables your production manager to make planning decisions on an order-by-order basis.

Inventory Optimisation

The Inventory Management Optimiser increases profits by eliminating unnecessary costs from the supply chain. The Optimiser is specially designed for businesses in the retail, wholesale, distribution and manufacturing sectors.

It uses data from Dynamics NAV and automatically selects the best fitting forecasting method to estimate future demand.

The main functions offered include the following:

• Order proposals that minimise inventory costs are generated and uploaded back into Dynamics NAV.
• Users get a graphical view of historical sales, inventory levels and shortages.
• The system generates user-defined exception reports listing items that need special attention.

Capacity Planning

Accurate production planning is key for successful manufacturing companies. Customer delivery requirements and timescales are becoming ever tighter.
Companies must meet customer demands and, at the same time, ensure a high quality service is provided by offering accurate delivery time estimates.

The MetaMan Capacity Planning module enables accurate scheduling of work with the ability to provide estimates of production times throughout the year.
Capacity Planning highlights late jobs and any associated ‘bottlenecks’ in the process.

A highly power, flexible and intuitive manufacturing solution.

Warehouse and Inventory

The system tightly integrates the warehouse and manufacturing software functions to help you optimise warehouse layout and space utilisation and also to help maintain up-to-date inventory information.


Material Requirements Planning (MRP) is an essential element of every manufacturing process where an important factor in the planning of production is accurately projecting, then acquiring the materials required to meet the production plan.

The MetaMan MRP module can produce a time-phased purchasing or manufacturing schedule for every raw material, sub-assembly or finished good.

Manufacturing Costing

Understand item costs throughout the production process – including inventory management software, WIP and the cost of goods sold (COGS) – to help manage sales and purchase efficiently with customers and suppliers. The Production Costing module provides reporting of actual costs associated with either completed jobs or work in progress. It also enables the set-up and display of estimates for the cost of new production items, as well as alternative routes and latest cost estimates for existing or historic production items.

Automated Data Collection

The Automated Data Collection System (ADCS) offers the ability to speed up the throughput of transactions and to get faster feedback from events happening in the business. This, our shopfloor barcoding solution, offers rapid feedback of information to the business. It allows you to collect and use accurate inventory data, real time, increasing the visibility of accurate inventory data throughout your business to improve shop floor and warehouse efficiency.


Manufacturing fully integrates with Sales Order Processing and Stock Control to allow users to plan production in line with required delivery dates or to provide dates for sales personnel to use in customer situations.


Full traceability of material usage from purchase orders through intermediate products to finished batches and sales orders is standard. A single batch of raw material may be associated with a range of works orders and multiple batches of material with a single works order.

Subcontract Processing

Where goods are sent out for third party processing by a sub-contractor – for sorting, packing, treatment or outwork – our subcontract processing records all the details of outgoing items, receives incoming items and amends the costs so that the true cost of the reworked goods is reflected in inventory


agilesWorkflow manages, simplifies and automates routine processes and tasks throughout your business. It keeps track of the status of tasks to be completed on a daily basis. It ensures the actioning of all important tasks, exactly when they need doing, and even automates the completion of tasks, where possible.

When a certain scenario occurs in your business, agilesWorkflow can automatically create a workflow with all the required ‘to-dos’ for that particular scenario. Each individual to-do is forwarded to the appropriate employee or team of employees, along with the detail of what needs to be completed and when. The solution improves the efficiency, quality and transparency of all your processes – and all within your Dynamics NAV solution.


Boost operational efficiency

With MetaMan, you can respond quickly to last minute requests for changes and take advantage of new business opportunities to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Simplify your processes

Streamline your processes by offering users rapid visibility of work-in-progress (WIP) support for order-by-order workflow and the ability to implement additional functionality as business needs become more complex.

Improve business performance

Streamline your operations by automating manufacturing processes and gain greater visibility into all aspects of your operations from order entry to production, from warehouse management to delivery.

Information you can count on

With MetaMan, you can provide customers, suppliers and your own staff with more accurate information that allows them to make better decisions for the benefit of your organisation.

• Offer better customer service by providing highly accurate promises on delivery.
• Let suppliers see key information they need to help meet your deadlines.
• Give your users confidence in the system by delivering accurate information that is available instantly, anywhere they may be working and in any format needed.

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