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"The NAV system brought our organisation together,
allowing us to work more effectively across the
entire company. This change is one of the most
important things we've done to the business since
I arrived."


Highly Powerful, Flexible and Intuitive Manufacturing Software

The Premier Microsoft Dynamics NAV software for Manufacturing Companies

MetaMan is a fully integrated manufacturing solution based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Metaphorix has taken the high end ERP (enterprise resource planning) functionality of NAV and tailored it into a bespoke manufacturing solution.

As well as the universal business management functions of NAV, MetaMan also contains a whole library of manufacturing specific modules. This ensures a genuinely end to end business management software, providing manufacturing companies with the ability to run their operations, cut costs and automate key processes, all from a single interface.

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As the global and UK Manufacturing landscapes become increasingly competitive it can become difficult to stay ahead of the competition. Highly sophisticated yet affordable manufacturing software such as Metaphorix gives you the power to deliver excellent service, boost efficiency and reduce costs. All of which the modern customer demands!

An intuitive, straightforward manufacturing solution

Microsoft Dynamics NAV combined with MetaMan’s manufacturing specific features is the ultimate ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for manufacturers of engineering, consumer goods, IT and High Tech and indeed products of any kind.

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Optimise your warehouse

Eliminate waste and ensure your use of space and resources is the very best it can be. Boost order fulfillment speed and accuracy. See a significant reduction in errors across the board, most notably in pick and dispatch. Improve visibility and traceability and reduce wasted time, and space and stock.

Enhance Product Quality

Metaphorix provides unparalleled insight into manufacturing operations which allows you to detect issues with a product early. An end to end ERP system gives you the ability to pinpoint where the problem is and fix it quickly. As a fully joined up system Metaphorix allows users to view product specification, quality assurance and product history all from a single interface, anytime, anywhere.

Simplify Compliance

One of the most complicated and frustrating tasks for many Manufacturers is ensuring compliance with increasingly complex standards. ERP systems such as Metaphorix take a lot of the stress out of this by automating key processes, tracking every action taken, tracing materials and finishes goods and reporting back ensuring transparency across the board.

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