Metaphorically Speaking July

I just wanted to remind you of our NAV Know How programme which offers web based, 30-minute training sessions aimed at enhancing your use of the system by giving you details of some of the basics in NAV. We are focusing on the routines that quite often take you the most time because they don’t need attention each and every day and you get rusty on the details.

So, here’s a reminder of the schedule:
• Tailoring the Role Tailored Client – 31st July 2015
• Simple Document Design – 28th August 2015
• Back up, restore and SQL Housekeeping – 25th September 2015
• VAT Reporting and Month/Year ends (RTC only) – 30th October 2015
• Introduction to RTC for Classic Client Users – 27th November 2015

The next session, which is set for this Friday, 31st July is ‘Tailoring the Role Tailored Client’ and the agenda is:
• Navigation Pane – adding “Your” buttons
• Role Centre – Stacks, My Lists, Outlook
• Ribbon (R2)
• Action Menus
• Page Layouts – List Places
• Creating “My Lists”
• Page Layouts – Card Places
• Links & Notifications
• Adding Chart Places

You can register for this session and any of the others by simply emailing me on . For those of you who have already registered you will soon receive an Outlook invite letting you know the time of the session for your version of NAV.


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