MetaServ Functionality

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Solution for the Service industry.

The service industry is a diverse and complex world that involves a whole range of different functions from physical repair and maintenance to the provision of professional and financial services for clients.

MetaServ offers the flexibility to choose those functions you need to meet your needs from our mix of granules that address every potential aspect of your business operation. Whether you want to manage finance or record time against jobs, whether you want to hold inventory of spare parts or analyse billable hours – MetaServ will deliver the control you need.


MetaServ provides a dynamic suite of software that helps service organisations to offer tremendous support for clients and customers whilst minimising costs and protecting margins.

It is specifically designed to offer a solution to a range of service sub-sectors including:

Maintenance and Repair

Legal and Financial Services

Professional Services

Not for Profit Organisations


Medical Services

Key Functions

MetaServ offers a range of functions that address every aspect of your business.

Finance and Administration

Sales Order Management

Sales Return Order Management



Service Contract Management

Job & Project Costing

Payroll with remote timesheet entry

Subcontractor Management

Purchase Order Management

Requisition Management

Purchase Return Order Management

Inventory & Warehousing

Inventory Optimisation

Order Promising

Demand Forecasting & Supply Planning

Automated Data CollectionTraceability

BI, Dashboards and KPIs

Workflow & Document Management

Desktop Integration & Mobile Applications

Service Industry Case Studies


ITAD is a consultancy company that works in partnership with governments, companies and NGOs to deliver projects and roll-out programmes. Their services include monitoring, evaluation, aid effectiveness, poverty and governance, institutional development and water management.


(National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) is an independent examining and awarding body with charitable status offering vocational qualifications to meet the health, safety, environmental and risk management needs of all places of work.

CBS Group

CBS Group builds, installs and maintains uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and large battery back-up systems. They supply and service everything from battery replacements
to a complete turnkey UPS or switchgear solution, including power, technical systems and emergency lighting.

CBS Group
N&W Global

N&W Global Vending is an internationally acclaimed supplier of vending machines. They provide sales and support for all Necta and Wittenborg products. They offer the complete service, supplying hot and cold beverages, snack and food products dispensers plus can and bottle vending machines.

N&W Global

Highly Powerful, Flexible Service Software

Maintenance and Repair

Companies that supply maintenance and repair services need a solution that will control a broad spectrum of functions right across their business.
Starting with the setting up and maintaining of contracts and their deliverables, to the actual delivery of the service in the field, MetaServ handles it all.
Service providers can offer everything from a workshop service to on-site maintenance.

Calls may be done under warranty or chargeable – with the charge rates and types completely flexible, based on the contract agreed (parts, labour, call-out charge, fixed fee etc.).

Spare parts are carried in stock and on vans and need to be controlled and accounted for – including automatic replenishment and lifecycle tracking.
Calls must be efficiently scheduled, appointments booked and priorities associated with different types of call – scheduled maintenance, minor breakdown, critical fault.

Engineers’ time and expenses are a crucial part of the cost equation and capturing, recharging and reporting on them is an important part of MetaServ.
Workflow and document management are also offered to make sure you get the complete solution your business needs. MetaServ offers the full range of field service function that service industry users need.

Legal and Financial Services
There are many different types of company in this sector.

There are those offering direct financial services like insurance, and others that deliver indirect services, like patent control or registration of copyright.
For each of these types of business, with their different functional needs, MetaServ has the power to help manage the organisation more effectively.
Managing clients in CRM, billing time and reporting on contract profitability are all offered by our solution.

Dynamics NAV offers all the financial control software you need. Multi-currency, multi-company and even multi-country functions with local languages are available.

Whether your services are solely people based or involve materials, MetaServ gives you the function you need to handle every area of your business.
Document management, using SharePoint and other tools, allows tight control over your key documents – including emails, faxes and printed matter, incoming or outgoing.

Professional Services
Professional Services Automation (PSA) is a cross between a financial services business and a project control business.

In many ways, it is not dissimilar to the construction businesses we support. Our building customers carry out projects that involve tracking people, working on site, with long timescales and flexible payment options.

We have adapted our specialist project control solution for builders to cover all kinds of consulting and professional services companies.

The fully integrated payroll allows the automatic capture of time and expenses. This allows you to recharge appropriate amounts to the customer.
Alternatively, you can simply monitor costs so they can be reconciled against the agreed deliverable and project billings.

The ability to enter timesheets from anywhere that users might be working is a major feature of MetaServ.

With staff operating on a mobile basis, many in the field, all they need is a connection to the internet and MetaServ will allow them to post their timesheets directly into the system.

This is just one of the mobile applications that we offer to automate manual processes, to help speed up your operation and make you more efficient.
Comprehensive reporting of estimates versus actuals and the costs to complete are all key to PSA businesses and are an intrinsic part of MetaServ.
The specialist workflow functionality we offer is also important here – allowing you to monitor events and respond in a predetermined manner.

Document management, using SharePoint and other tools, allows tight control over key documents – including emails, faxes and printed matter, incoming or outgoing.

MetaServ offers the full range of PSA function that service industry users need.

Not for Profit Organisations

Not For Profit (NFP) organisations offer services of all kinds. From governmental institutions to charities – their requirements cover the whole range of service functions.

NFPs could be offering financial support, it might be that they are delivering consultancy or people-intensive services or they could actually be doing the physical work involved in delivering projects with all that this entails in terms of time and materials.

Our specialist project control solution, combined with the financial power of Dynamics NAV, and the integration with Microsoft’s other tools like Office and MS Project, delivers the control that NFPs need. In addition, Microsoft and Metaphorix recognise the unique status of charities by offering exceptional discounts to give you the best possible value from our solution.

MetaServ offers NFPs a comprehensive and flexible solution to suit their complex needs.

An important part of the service sector is the entertainment industry. In our MetaServ solution, we have the whole range of function that entertainment industry users need.

Our solution is widely used in the entertainment sector for a raft of different applications including the monitoring of costume or prop inventories, the control and replenishment of consumables, marketing materials or even food and drink for resale. The costs involved in building sets can be controlled with our project costing software and the profitability of ‘projects’ or particular productions is easily monitored with MetaServ’s job costing functionality. In addition, the complex box-office requirements and the subcontract or temporary nature of many staffing arrangements place demands on the finance system that MetaServ can meet.

From controlling physical inventories to shipping and replenishing stocks, from carrying out one-off productions to providing people on a chargeable basis, from finance to HR, from payroll to ecommerce – MetaServ helps entertainment companies to control every aspect of their complex business.

Medical Services
The provision of medical services is a type of PSA business, but one that has specialist requirements of its own.

MetaServ is designed to meet the needs of medical companies that provide people, consultancy services or that carry out research projects.
Companies that install and service medical equipment or deliver consultancy to the various institutions in and around the NHS can benefit from the control offered by MetaServ.

MetaServ offers the full range of function that medical services companies users need.

The Benefits of MetaServ

MetaServ delivers a number of key business benefits.


Increase productivity by eliminating manual processes, streamlining your operations and enabling fast, accurate processing of data and transactions.


Gain insight into your most profitable services or projects, monitor your business performance and exploit key opportunities.
Customer Service

Give customers and suppliers self-service capabilities through the internet without compromising information security.


Respond quickly to last minute requests for changes and take advantage of new opportunities to help your business stay ahead of the competition.

Integrate specialist third-party software products and your website with your backoffice applications, quickly and easily.

Stock Optimisation
Release essential working capital by reducing stockholding without compromising service – using our Inventory Optimisation functionality.


Easily customise fields and screens to work with your terminology and practices and to integrate the solution with existing applications and systems.


If your requirements change, there is a huge library of additional applications that make up the Dynamics NAV family of products, all of which are fully integrated with MetaServ.

Metaphorix – Changing the way you do business

Metaphorix helps small and medium-sized companies change the way they do business with their customers and with their suppliers.

Using the Dynamics NAV suite of ERP and CRM software from Microsoft, together with our high quality professional services, we help you to evolve your business processes.

Our approach to projects delivers you a faster, more accurate, more productive and more efficient business model to the benefit of everyone that interacts with it.

Since its inception, Metaphorix has been leading the way in implementing Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

We began life in 1998 as the Software Solutions Division of Mitsubishi Electric. Breaking away from our parent company, we conducted a careful review of the major ERP solutions on the market. The company decided to focus on the delivery of just one product set, Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV (previously known as Navision). Metaphorix is now one of the premier partners for Microsoft Dynamics in the UK and a consistent top performer in terms of new customer installs and customer service.

Today, the company has a strong customer portfolio in our chosen vertical markets across the SME and Corporate sectors.

As a Microsoft Partner, we provide extensive Microsoft product support to our growing customer base. Our unique approach to delivering projects, offering fixed price contracts, means that our customers know exactly what they are getting for their money. That’s why we are the partner of choice for over 100 companies, from construction and manufacturing to retail and distribution.

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