Dynamics 365
A seamless, end to end business management solution

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 represents the next generation of business computing. It is a cloud based Business Management Solution that ties together CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) functionality in a single unified purpose built solution.

As a highly personalised application centre Dynamics 365 gives businesses the power to accelerate digital transformation, boost productivity, deliver accurate insights and meet changing customer needs.

Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive cloud solution delivered as a managed service. The purpose built functions within Dynamics 365 include:

Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, Operations, Marketing, Project Service Automation and Financials.

At its most basic Dynamics 365 is a unifying experience for business users, bringing together a wide range of sophisticated business applications and creating a seamless navigation experience.

Think of Dynamics 365 as your businesses dashboard, a starting point to launch a series of highly powerful business apps. This will allow users to move between functions efficiently and without distraction.

Benefits to your business

Dynamics 365 unifies ERP and CRM functionality to create a highly powerful, seamless business management platform.

• Start with what you need an add applications as your business grows

• Set your Business apart by delivering excellent customer service

• Automate key processes, saving your business time and money

• Empower employees to spend less time on repetitive tasks

• Fully cloud based platform, accessible any time, any place and on any device

Dynamics 365 is…

Purpose Built
Customers start with only the functionality they need. As their business grows Dynamics365 expands with them to ensure they always have all the tools required to run their operations

As a Microsoft product the tools within Dynamics 365 will be instantly recognisable to most. These tools are also highly powerful and will drive business processes.

The product has inbuilt intelligence to proactively guide businesses into optimising their operations. The many BI tools provide key insight into businesses.

This is a highly modern business management dashboard and can grow, evolve and transform to provide a tailored fit to you business.

Dynamics 365 Apps


Ensure your sales people bring sophisticated digital business intelligence into every meeting. Predict customer need and satisfy them all with a tailored service that builds relationships and revenue. Dynamics 365 is a sales management solution that allows you to sell faster, build revenue and gain a clear overview of your processes.

Customer Service

The customer service app gives businesses everything they need to delight clients with excellent levels of service. Whether self-service, peer-to-peer or assisted service, Dynamics365 unifies the way people experience your business.

Provide a personalised service to your customers while making your agents lives easier in the process!


Dynamics365 Marketing Cloud allows to you deliver seamless Omni channel campaigns and track the results, ensuring the next campaign performs even better!

The holistic customer view offered by the solution simultaneously allows you to spot trends and patterns while creating highly individual, targeted customer experiences.


For small to medium sized businesses Dynamics365 can act as an end to end financial management system. From ordering to invoicing right through to reporting everything can be handled within the Finance App.

Dynamics 365 Finance allows you to manage all your operations from a single app, enables better decision making and helps your business to grow.

Field Service

Dynamics 365 turns service calls into a key strength for your business. From scheduling to maintenance everything is optimised within the solution. Mobile apps native to their chosen device is what your staff want and Dynamics 365 provides it.

Project Service Automation

Use Dynamics 365’s highly powerful tools to create more profitable customer experiences. Deliver projects successfully and on time and enable your staff to be as productive as possible by automating key processes and providing a complete view into their client relationships.


The Operations functionality within Dynamics 365 promotes growth and efficiency by providing a complete Enterprise Resource Planning software. From demand forecasting to budget planning, from resource management to graphical reporting, everything is handled from within Dynamics.

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