NAV 2013 R2 Creating Cash Flow Forecasts


Setting up a Cash Flow Forecast Card

To calculate a cash of your company on January 31st 2015; firstly you will need to set the work date to 31/01/15.

  • Select Set Work Date
  • Set the work date in the window that opens
The next step is to create a new Cash Flow Forecast Card
  • On the navigation pane click Departments > Financial Management > Cash Flow > Cash Flow Forecasts
  • Click New to create a new Cash Flow Forecast Card

For the purposes of this example we are going to setup a cash flow forecast for the period 31/01/15 to 28/02/15. The example will include neutral payments, consider discounts and cash flow payment terms.
Once the necessary values have been entered NAV will be able to calculate your expected cash flow for this period.
There are a number of possible options when setting up the Cash Flow Forecast Card and the above example is simply one combination of the options available. Full details of the various fields are as follows:
  • Consider Discount – Select the check box to have the cash discounts assigned in entries and documents that will be reflected in the liquidity calculation.
  • Consider Pmt. Disc. Tol. Date – Select the check box to have the program factor in the payment discount tolerance date when you calculate the flow date. You can only select this option if you decide to take the discount into consideration.
  • Consider Pmt. Tol. Amount – Select the check box to use the payment tolerance amounts from the posted customer and vendor ledger entries.
  • Consider CF Payment Terms – In addition to the standard payment terms of customers and vendors, you can specify your own methods of payment for the cash from forecast. If you want to use these in the cash flow calculation, select this field.
  • Show in Chart on Role Center – Select the check box to have this Cash Flow Forecast promoted on the Role Center Cash Flow Chart.
  • G/L Budget From & G/L Budget To – Enter the starting and ending date from which you want to use the budget values from the general ledger in the cash flow forecast.
  • Manual Payments From & Manual Payments To – Enter a starting and ending date from which neutral expenses will be included in the Cash Flow Forecast.
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