NAV 2013 R2: The requested record cannot be located (Save View As…)


When using Navision 2013 R2 it is possible that certain Role Centres will display the error below when clicking the Notifications displayed on the homepage.

The reason for this issue is that the notifications refer to posted information. Therefore, this information is not available to view via the notifications box.

In this example we are trying to view a posted invoice and we are logged into a Procurement Role Tailored Client; although we aren’t able to view the posted invoice by clicking on the notification, we are still able to go to Departments > Finance > History > Posted Invoices. From here we can view the invoice for which our notification appeared.

As it is not possible to navigate to this view from the notifications pane; we can instead click on Posted Invoices header and select Save View As…
This will display the options below:
This allows us to personalise the Role Centre so that, from the home page, I am able to navigate to Posted Invoices.
The Save View function allows users to personalise their homepage to ensure that information that they will need to regularly access is readily available to them. In addition it is also possible to save various views with filters applied.

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