A single monthly fee. Low cost installation. Personal requirements met.

PayAsYouGo – the cost effective way to buy your next ERP system!

£65 per user per month

Dynamics NAV Finance, CRM and Distribution solutions available at an amazing price per user of just £65.

With implementation packages starting at just £7,000, this has to be the most cost-effective way of buying a new solution available today.

PayAsYouGo Dynamics NAV

PayAsYouGo offers you a choice of methods for running, supporting and paying for your ERP software solution. At the heart of our business model is the ability to ‘pay-as-you-go’ giving you the right solution at the right price on the right terms.

We deliver you an industry-specific solution on a monthly contract together with a fixed, low-cost implementation package to get you up and running quickly.

This offers tremendous flexibility and real value for money – a world-class ERP solution that preserves your precious working capital.

£75 per user per month

Looking for more functionality?

Our industry-specific solutions for Manufacturers and Service Management organisations start from £75 per user per month, Construction for as little as £110 per user per month.

Implementation packages are available from £12,000.

The Benefits of PayAsYouGo

A single monthly fee

We give you the choice.

You pick the content, the number of users, the duration of the contract and whether or not you feel like paying a deposit up front.

Then we give you a cost per user that applies for the duration of your contract.

A simple, single monthly fee for all the software you need.

All PayAsYouGo contracts are payable monthly, in advance by direct debit.

Number of users

Buy the exact number of users you need.

Plus, the number of users you choose is flexible in either direction – you can add or subtract users as your needs change.

The benefits are obvious – you only pay for what you use and you can add users temporarily to accommodate busy periods.

This is the perfect arrangement for a growing business or one that has a cyclical aspect to customer demand.

Length of contract

The standard contract is a rolling 12-month agreement that can be cancelled after the first year.

Other contract options are 3 years and 5 years – the longer the contract, the lower the price per user.

1-Year Contract – the basic price per user.

3-Year Contract – basic price less 5%.

5-Year Contract – basic price less 10%.

On renewal, you can opt for the length of contract you feel is right for you at that time.

No deposit option

Depending on the deposit you opt to pay, the rate per user is discounted.

You can choose to pay no initial deposit at all, and all our standard quotations assume this is the case.

But the more you pay, the better the rate.

The options are:

10% deposit gets you 5% discount.

25% deposit gets you 10% discount.

Low-cost installation

Our fixed price RapidStart implementation options deliver the fully installed solution in a short timescale without breaking the bank.

To speed up implementations and make them simpler, we have packaged up the time and effort required and made it into a guaranteed deliverable.

You just pick the content of the installation you feel is right for you.

RapidStart is the quickest and most cost-effective way to install any system.

On-premise or in the Cloud

We can offer you the best of both worlds – PayAsYouGo on premise or in the Cloud.

Hosting in the Cloud:
Choose one of our partners to provide the Cloud infrastructure or we can work with your own provider.

On Premise:
This option allows you to use your own hardware and to effectively host the solution yourself.