Reporting and Document Management Apps for NAV

Reporting and Document Management with Business Apps for Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV offers a functionally rich suite of software that will offer a great foundation for any business looking to implement an ERP solution. From CRM to sales, from purchasing to inventory, from finance to manufacturing – Dynamics NAV does it all.

Just occasionally, users of Dynamics NAV look for a bit more functionality – things that can’t be done in the standard system. That’s where our Business Apps for NAV come into play.

User Reporting

A complete reporting tool that sits within Excel providing every user with the power to create reports quickly and easily.

Business Intelligence

A super-fast, incredibly powerful business intelligence tool that utilises ‘in-memory’ technology for analysis, dashboards etc.

Outbound Documents

Spindle Professional is a totally flexible business app that enables you to instantly email, fax, print and record all documents from your Dynamics NAV system.

Inbound Documents

Document Capture for Dynamics NAV is an end-to-end solution for scanning, data extraction, registration and archiving of all documents within Dynamics NAV, including efficiently handling purchase invoices and approvals.