Digital Transformation: Construction Trends

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We've teamed up with Sana Commerce to bring you the latest technology trends in the Construction Industry.Key discussions:Internet of Things 3D Printing BIM here for a full list of NAV…
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Tutorial: How to submit Online VAT Return

, , out our tutorial to see how you can quickly and easily submit your Online VAT Return through Dynamics NAV 2018 Finance.
construction bottlenecks

Construction Bottlenecks: no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy!

Construction bottlenecks? Something unexpected happens in a project and team members are thrown into reactive mode, creating bottlenecks. The best laid plans get disrupted and deadlines become elastic concepts. While this happens in every industry,…
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Construction Technology: At a Crossroads

To go or not to go on the technology road? “Projects are becoming ever more complicated, with punishing timescales and tighter budgets…” And how could you pick the right construction technology for your business? Construction has…
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"We can't move our construction business to the cloud because ..."

Cloud Computing is hardly new. From social media to email to entertainment most people feel the influence of cloud without even thinking about it. And yet uptake of cloud technologies is notoriously slow in the Construction sector. For every…

Reporting Strategies for NAV

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Check out our reporting strategies webinar! We take a look at what options you have when getting reports out of NAV. We'll take you through the differences and benefits of:Standard NAV Reports Jet Reports Power BI Click…

Workflows and Approvals

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Our workflows and approvals webinar is live! In this training webinar, we're showing you how to set up approvals in NAV including:-Approval Workflows-Hierarchy approving-Approval groups…

Top 10 Tips for Financials in NAV

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Our NAV Financials webinar is live! This webinar proved so popular, we had to include it on our online library.In this session, we take you through our Top 10 Tips for using financials in NAV.…

What is Dynamics 365 for Sales?

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Our NAV Know How series continues with this session, looking at Dynamics 365 for Sales.We showcase Microsoft's CRM offering, looking at:Lead, Opportunity and Account Management Communication tracking Outlook integration Mobile…

Data Export: XML Ports, Odata & NAVLNX

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Our late May webinar is now live! In this NAV Know How, we take a look at different ways to export data from NAV:XML Ports Odata NAVLNX here for a full list of NAV Know Webinars, as well as…