Saving a View in NAV RTC


Saving a View in NAV RTC

Sometimes we have the need to access ‘personalized’ data quickly. For example we may want to filter some records and be able to call these up at the moments notice – rather than entering a certain set of filters each and every time we want this info. 
To do this we can use the ‘Save View As…’ feature of NAV. This will store the filters and save the ‘page’ into the Role Center for future use. 
Note: This cannot be transferred to other users and will have to be set up for each and every user. 
1. Define the filters you want to save. For this example I am using the Sales Quotes List View and using a filter of ‘Assigned User ID’ = ‘SA’ 
2. Select the ‘Sales Quotes’ drop down box >> ‘Select the Save View As…’ function.
3. This will then prompt the user to name the new view. I named this ‘Sales Quotes – [View]’ but it can be called anything. 
4. This can then be accessed from the ‘Home’ location within the RTC as a pre-set filtered page. 

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Andy, Software Engineer

Andy is Software Engineer at Metaphorix