Established in 1990, Simms is a privately owned company based in Kent, specialising in the distribution of PC memory products via the internet. They are the UK market leaders for a wide range of technology products, based on their in-depth knowledge of their markets and their customers' needs.

Case Study


Internet retailer takes fastpath to Dynamics NAV solution

Simms International operates in the low-margin computer memory market which is dominated by a small number of big players. The use of three disparate computer systems, combined with a steep drop in memory prices, which sparked a huge increase in demand, meant that it had to drastically improve its business efficiency in order to survive.

The Challenge
Simms competes in a tough market. Computer memory is a low-margin, high volume business and is dominated by a small number of big names. In order to survive, a company must offer large numbers of units at minimal cost, as simply and efficiently as possible. Not only that, but the market is constantly changing, making it essential that a company remain agile.

As a business, Simms spent the 1990s focused on Apple computers, at a time when memory prices were high. However, it soon became clear that a large shift to the PC market was taking place and in 1998 it hired KPMG to review its business and come up with suggestions for change. The final audit report recommended that Simms introduce a new company-wide software solution to improve its efficiency. The system that the company was looking for would not only have to integrate their three existing systems into a single cohesive solution, but also retain a high level of flexibility to help them keep pace with a market in transition.


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