Be livewires and floor the opposition with Dynamics NAV!
Manage your Business: Labour, Materials, Subcontractors, Plant and Sundry
Automate key processes across Departments
Track and optimise your finances

Specialist Sub Contractor Software

Metaphorix provides specialised software solutions based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform that allow you to manage all aspects of your subcontracting.

Our products, based on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform provides continuity from receiving a lead, to estimating the contract, right the way through to planning and fulfilling a project and instant reporting, reducing time consuming multi-entry and potential expensive errors.

This reduces overhead costs and allows you to gain an advantage over competitors, achieve more wins, and gain higher returns.

More than ever sub-contractors are under pressure to increase margins.  This means being more efficient with resources, documents, labour and materials.

Specialised Solutions for…

Whatever your specialism, 4PS has customers in a wide range of sectors, including:

• Mechanical & Electrical
• Flooring
• Drywall & Plastering
• Ceilings & Partitioning
• Steelwork
• Demolition
• Groundworks
• Fire & Security
• Asbestos Removal
• Glass & Glazing
• Painting & Decorating
• Fencing
• Surfacing
• Landscaping
• Signage
• Scaffolding


Less Paperwork: Automate tedious processes and eliminate repetitive manual tasks

Protect yourself: Meet HMRC regulations automatically, ensure all subcontractors are certified and regulation compliant

Manage Documents with Ease: Store all your vital data in a single place, no matter what size

“Five Way Split”: Labour, Materials, Subcontractors, Plant and Sundry

Retentions: Always get paid what you’re owed, on time.

Familiar Microsoft interface for ease of use

Microsoft stack compatible – O365/Sharepoint/Power BI


Full Mechanical + Electrical functionality

Materials- costs, purchasing, procurement strategy & rules

Manage RAMS & certification renewals

CIS/HMRC integration

Document Management & sharing

Applications and Retentions

Vendor/subcontractor scoring

Easily manage variation orders

BIM integration

Handles complicated Estimating & bills of quantities

CVR for forecasting – Split total and committed costs

Create Defined buying lists from budget for buyers

Project & site inventory