Thank you for a Fantastic Day!


Metaphorix would like to express its appreciation to our customers for joining us last week at the National Motorcycle Museum for our annual Customer Experience Day. The event had over 30 customers present and covered a variety of Microsoft Dynamics and general IT industry topics.

Some popular discussions included an overview of business trends such as  Azure, Power BI & Other Reporting Tools, a Dynamics NAV 2018 overview and a construction focused breakout session on BIM and 4PS mobile apps.

We have analysed the feedback that we received and can report that the average score that we received from the feedback was a 9.04 for the Venue and an 8.32 for the content. So from our point of view, it appeared to be a resounding success. This was the best attended event that we have held, but as promised last week, we are constantly looking to improve.

Based on the feedback we have received, it was fairly clear that the main criticism of the content was that in some cases, it was too technical (that being said, many people found the balance to be right). In addition, we also received numerous requests to get more hands-on customer involvement in the content. We will therefore look to do webinar sessions that are focused on either the ‘best practice’ usage, or on the more technical aspects as this will appeal to both techies and users.

It was felt that a customer led session that allowed for everyone to share their experiences would be an excellent addition. Please be warned that we will be looking for volunteers to lead that session!

We have also had a couple of requests to feature more on the manufacturing elements of NAV.

We have a lot of content for our future webinars and are investigating doing regional customer briefings. We appreciate that some of you travelled a long way, and will try to accommodate our customers from both the North and South in future events.

We will be looking to arrange follow up meetings for those who requested them over the next couple of days, but if you do want any additional information, please let us know.

Once again, a huge thank you to our customers for giving up your valuable time to make the event a success, and we look forward to letting you know about future events soon.

Metaphorix MD Ian Cowan takes a look at Apps

Customer Services Manager Val Clarke explaining the Metaphorix customer service philosophy!

Using Reporting to continuously improve service

Sales Manager and event MC Craig Buck fields questions

David Dimbleby for the day!

Presales Manager Richard Vernon gets technical

Breakaway construction software session covering BIM and 4PS Mobile

Thanks to the National Motorcycle Museum for being our hosts for the day!

Having a browse of the really cool stuff!

Metaphorix Customer Day 2017

Ready to go!

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