Dynamics NAV for professional services projects companies
Oil & Gas, Design & Build, IT & Finance, Life Sciences & NFP
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Dynamics NAV for suppliers of design and build projects
For architects, construction and manufacturing companies
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Dynamics NAV for financial consultants and IT companies
For auditors, software suppliers, system designers and consultants
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Dynamics NAV for Professional Services Project Management

Our variant of Dynamics NAV, TopSolutions, offers total control over the complex world of professional services automation.

Wherever people are ‘sold’ into a project environment there is a need to monitor time, record costs and ensure the correct billings are made. As an end to end business management ERP TopSolutions does it all.

In any professional service organisation efficiency is vital. Businesses are often tasked with providing insight into intangible areas such as time management, expertise and professional ability. As a fully integrated project management suite TopSolutions allows professional service organisations to work smarter and faster.

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TopSolutions: For different professional services sectors

  • Oil and Gas

    TopSolutions offers a total solution for those carrying out people projects for the oil and gas sector – from consultancy to health and safety, from design advice to major projects, the powerful function in TopSolutions delivers tight cost control and more profitable contracts.

  • IT and Finance

    Where people are sold into organisations to deliver consultancy, audit or financial services, or where projects involve the recording of time, TopSolutions delivers

  • Design & Build

    If your business is involved in designing and building then TopSolutions offers all the functionality required to improve decision making and streamline operations. Whether you are are a manufacturer, installer, engineer or contractors TopSolutions contains all the tools necessary.

  • Life Sciences and NFP

    If your business is involved in medical research projects or delivers charitable aid to countries or groups of people, TopSolutions has the functionality you need.

Key Functionality

The combination of Dynamics NAV and TopSolutions delivers a solution that ensures your resources spend most of their time working on projects and as little time as possible on administration.

TopSolutions builds on the basic function in Dynamics NAV to provide extra processing power that gives users functionality not available in the standard product – functions such as project creation and budgeting, resource allocation and scheduling, complex billing and payment arrangements, online timesheet and expense entry and planning using a graphical planning tool for easy drag-and-drop management of projects.

The key areas of function offered are:

Project Management

Total control of projects from quotation to final sign-off including budgets, costs and revenues, resourcing and scheduling. Either on your site or over the web, you can manage projects from any location at any time.

Graphical Project Planning

With the built-in drag-and-drop functionality the user can easily move projects around between different resources and resource groups to optimise project planning, utilisation and project management.

Timesheet Processing

For capturing time we offer the low-cost licence just for timesheet users that allows them to record all the time spent on projects and expenses incurred either on site or over the internet.

Benefits of TopSolutions

• Ability to create quotes quickly and easily convert them to projects
• Create budgets and monitor time and costs against it
• Build multi-level, phased projects and analyse at each level
• Add resources to projects based on skills or accreditations
• Schedule resources or groups to ensure delivery to plan
• Plan using the graphical planning screen for easy manipulation
• Forecast project results and ensure actions are taken to maximise profits
• Use KPIs to monitor utilisation, projects and WIP for one or all projects
• Key decision marketing insight

TopSolutions Functionality

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