TopSolutions for off-shore and energy companies

The Dynamics NAV Solution for Energy and Off-shore companies

The combination of Dynamics NAV and TopSolutions delivers a solution that ensures your resources spend their time working on projects and not on administration.

TopSolutions builds on the basic function in Dynamics NAV to provide extra processing power that gives users in the oil and gas, off-shore sector the industry-specific functionality they need to manage their business process.

Quotations, project creation and budgeting, resource allocation and scheduling, complex billing and payment arrangements, online timesheet and expense entry and planning using a graphical planning tool for easy drag-and-drop management of projects.

  • Project & Engineering staff

    If your business places expert engineering staff in the field, offering support for or advice and guidance on engineering matters, then TopSolutions is for you.

  • Equipment

    If you offer support for or advice and guidance on specialist equipment used by off-shore, energy companies, TopSolutions is for you.

  • Consultancy & Services

    If you offer consultancy services such as design advice or the carrying out of health and safety testing for energy companies, TopSolutions is for you.

  • Monitoring and Control

    If you offer consultancy services such as testing designs or prototyping fabrications for energy companies, TopSolutions is for you.

Metaphorix customers in this sector include:


One of Norway’s largest crane and lifting technology consultants, they design, produce, maintain, inspect and modify all kinds of material handling equipment, from small winches to high-capacity cranes.


A maritime industry leader in advanced technologies for processing waste and wastewater to inert materials, recyclables, clean flue gas and effluent that meets the highest international discharge standards, recovering energy and water, providing…

Acteon Group

Defining, shaping and leading subsea services Acteon's approach leads the way globally through best-in-class expertise to offer full market coverage across the whole life of field, anywhere in the world for operators, contractors and drille…

Kongsberg Norcontrol IT

Developers of marine radar collision avoidance systems, target data extraction and display technology they offer harbour, coastal and offshore radar surveillance they offer a service to port authorities, coast guards and oil companies.


As a market leader in automated chain testing, equipment and inspection, InterMoor provides mooring chain certification, repairs and upgrades on heavy-duty mooring systems.

Ability Drilling ASA

A provider of safe, environmentally friendly and efficient drilling rigs worldwide offering proven technology developed over many years of operation in the North Sea including state-of-the-art land drilling rigs and off-shore rigs of all ty…

Claxton Engineering

Offers project engineers, a fast-track design-analyse-build engineering service and huge inventory of rental tools to respond to the operating needs of its clients' well systems, structures and pipelines.

2H Offshore

2H Offshore is a global engineering contractor specialising in the design, structural analysis and integrity management of riser and conductor systems used in the drilling and production of offshore oil and gas reserves. With offices around…
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If we hadn’t made the decision to go to Microsoft’s Dynamics NAV when we did, we wouldn’t be in business today.

Andrew HendersonManaging Director, Simms International