Upgrading NAV


Do you have any modifications?

If so, your choices are:

1) Go standard! We can install a copy of the latest version of NAV for you and you can run your day to day processes through it and see whether standard fits.

2) Pay to have your mods uplifted.

3) Re-scope – are you using NAV in the way you intended?


Have you tweaked any reports?

Your choices are:

1) Go standard! We can install for you a copy of the latest version NAV and you can run all the reports you use see whether standard fits.

2) Pay to have your reports uplifted.

3) Use ForNAV which is a tool that allows you to run Classic reports in RDLC. However. you have to pay for ForNAV so let us help you decide which is the most cost effective route.

What Type of Project

There are two ways we can approach your upgrade.

You need to ask yourself:

1) Does the way NAV is set up now support my business properly?

If YES – then we would do a ‘like for like’ project.

If NO then we would do a re-implementation.

Both approached use the Microsoft Surestep methodology to ensure success.


Have a look at this link which will show you all the enhancements that have been introduced since your version.

MS standard comparison guide.

Take our benefit quiz to get a tailored report on how today’s NAV functionality would benefit your business.

Take our benefits questionnaire

Sub Projects

Instead of just thinking about getting from old to new NAV, let us help you identify some sub-projects that take advantage of added functionality:

•Warehouse Management
•Power BI
•Document Management
•Electronic Invoicing
•Access for mobile workers
•Integration with Office 365

Essential Services

Regardless of what you decide to do about existing modifications, reports and the type of project fits best for you, there are some services that will be essential to upgrade to the latest version of NAV.

Glossary of Services

Resourcing your Projects

Any project is going to take up resource your end as well as ours. Our suggestions would be:

•Your Project Manager – 1 to 2 days per week

•Key Users – 1 day a week

•Project Committee – 2 days per month

We can’t do this without you!

Should you go Cloud?

If you are upgrading then this is an ideal opportunity to consider whether you stay with on-premise servers of consider Software As A Service and have your NAV system in the cloud.

Find out more about NAV in the Cloud


So, you’ve got a NAV system that’s packed full of data – but is it useful, clean, good data that helps support your business decisions?

Your choice – we can provide assistance on:

1) Data conversion which uplifts all your existing data as is

2) Bringing in cleaned data via Microsoft’s Rapidstart tool

We can help you make that decision by explaining the pro’s and cons of both approaches.

Estimated Costs

The Essential Services will cost you in the region of £11k.

You decide where the rest of your investment will be spent:

•Uplifting modifications
•Re-writing Reports
•Additional modifications
•Tailoring out-going documents