User Sessions In NAV / Killing Sessions In NAV


User Sessions In NAV / Killing Sessions In NAV

Sometimes we have the need to find out who is logged into Nav. Especially if someone can’t log into Nav due to a license issue. A typical example of this is if a user has left for the evening and has kept themselves logged into Nav, as a result one concurrent license session is being used. This can cause issues if the user has a day off the next day – as this will limit the amount of users who can log in. 
To kill / find out which sessions are running in NAV you can
do the following:
1.    Open your Classic Client >> Start >>
All programs >> Microsoft Dynamics NAV for SQL Server.
2.     File >> Database >> Open (Windows
Auth or DB login)
3.      Ctrl – O  – to open your Company (doesn’t need to be done – but I like to check I’m logged in successfully.)
4.      File >> Database >> Information
>> Sessions >> User Sessions Drill down.

5.  Look for the users who are logged In – highlight
the line and use the ‘Delete’ key if you want to kick someone out of Navision. (As we can see below – 2 support sessions are open, and the SupportQueue).
Note: Ignore the SA logins as they will typically be processes that are running on the SQL server, however – if the ‘Application Name’ is either ‘Microsoft Dynamics NAV RTC’ or ‘Classic Client’ then these are actual logged on users. 


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Andy, Software Engineer

Andy is Software Engineer at Metaphorix