Metaphorix at Worldwide Partner Conference 2016

Metaphorix was present last week at the Microsoft global partner event, the biggest of the year, in Toronto.

Worldwide Partner Conference 2016 took place between the 10th and 14th of July in Toronto – Canada.

The event brings together the Microsoft community, a worldwide collection of partners, to pool experiences and knowledge and to discuss the new solutions available in the Microsoft world.

The first session was opened by Satya Nedlla and covered the Microsoft mission and the various successes over the previous year. In a conference where the future was the main focus, the Microsoft CEO argued that digital transformation is vital for Microsoft’s success. In her words the company’s mission is to “…Empower every person and organization on the planet to achieve more”..

  • How to engage with customers?
  • How to provide tools that improve users’ ability to make better and decisions?
  • How to optimise your company?
  • How to add value to product and services being provided?

These are some of the questions that Microsoft wants its products to provide answers to in the near future.

Nadella pointed out the importance of finding new ways to improve productivity, citing Office 365’s progress as an example. The switch from On Premises to a modern Cloud solution was enormous, however the most notable success was the emergence on tools such as Power BI and Delve. To big businesses with a huge array of complex data Power BI and Delve provide insight and simplicity.

Key Points

  • Reinventing productivity and business processes, through applications targeted to management, providing rich information with add-ons such as Clutter, Cortana, and Power BI Delve. Such applications provide the user with valuable feedback on all key actions and business decisions. This gives companies a roadmap to improvement and ROI.
  • Project Artificial Intelligence was also a prominent topic of discussion as a future technology. The concept of teaching human language to computers is no easy task but not one that Microsoft considers impossible…
  • The creation of a Smart Cloud is also high on Microsoft’s list of priorities. The company sees this platform, and the ability to create applications for Mobile, Web, IoT, Saas or even Big Data using Microsoft Azure and the Azure Stack, as a key part of its future. This is the only cloud service available worldwide that enables true hybrid solutions.
  • Windows 10 is an operating system that covers services like Raspberry Pi for Microsoft HoloLens, available for multiple devices.
  • Augmented reality, where the real world mingles with the virtual world is also a key part of Microsoft’s future.


Having been present Metaphorix is now keen to take inspiration from the partner event and apply the messages to its Dynamics NAV solution. The Microsoft ethos of empowering organisations to achieve more mirrors Metaphorix’s own mission statement which can be found here. As a business management solution NAV has all the functionality required to save businesses time, cut costs and boost productivity, the Microsoft global partner event inspires confidence that this will only continue to grow.

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and how Metaphorix can implement to suit your business requirements, get in touch now!

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